Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Luncheon Preparation

Planning Girly parties is one of my very favorite things to do! So I am having a ball planning a Valentine Luncheon for a few friends this Monday. Today as I was considering what I would use for a tablescape for the luncheon, I remembered what I did to help me in planning the table decorations for our daughter's wedding 2.5 years ago....I set up a TV table with a tablecloth and just 'played' with ideas on it for several days.

Thus today, I set up a TV table with the magenta table covering that I plan to use (it is a sheer curtain panel!) and my white lace tablecloth over it. Then I put one of my white plates on it to consider using for the luncheon. Next I brought out some of my precious Pink Depression Glassware that my dear friend Lori shared with me from her mother's collection. Happy bliss! I LOVE that stuff! I also put on some of the strawberry pink heart marshmallows that I bought to use. The napkins I've purchased, some paint chips (hmmm...what will I do with them?!) and some scrapbook paper that I'm going to use. Now I'll be able to play with it for several days til I decide how I want to set the table. It will relieve me that I won't be making those decisions last minute.

I am also figuring out my menu. And since many of the items are things I've not made before, I decided to experiment tonight with the quiche recipe. I used fillo dough for the crust b/c it has soooo many fewer calories than pie crust. And my husband declared it equally tasty! I used this Paula Dean quiche recipe, substituting evaporated milk for the heavy cream and using alot less bacon. It. Was. Amazing!! And the presentation turned out cool too...very fluffy and alot of nice texture. But also reminded me of the Primitive Fruit Tarts I've made before...the fillo dough crust gives it that kind of rustic look. Husband went on and on about it. I love that man. :)
Last but not least, here is the Valentine I made our sweet son Jeffrey (age 21) and mailed to him today with a few treats. Who knew paint chips could be so crafty. I love these people who think these things up! It's not me!
I'd love to show you more! But some of my ideas are in my daughter's Valentine Day gift, so I can't spill those beans yet. :) I have plans for party favors and fresh flowers! This dessert might be on the menu too. And some kind of delightful muffins. Maybe Pina Colada muffins? Oh, and chocolate dipped strawberries will def. be on the table. Can't wait!!

So come back in a week and see the finished project! Happy February!


  1. Oh your pictures are just lovely! :) I love depression glass so much... its so pretty! And what a great plan to set out tablescape ideas ahead of time... then you'll figure out JUST what you like best! :)

    Your quiche looks incredible. I"ll have to try it with filo dough sometime! It's pretty! and how sweet of dad to go on and on about it.

    I love Jeffrey's valentine! And can't wait to see the lovely little package that comes to me! You spoil me so! :)

    Love you!

  2. Oh my! The table ideas are wonderful...I love the pink! And the quiche looks so amazing...I may have to try it myself. I love quiche but have never used phyllo, so that would be new for me. :-) And Jeff's card was very cute! Love the paint chips!!


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