Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Garden Luncheon ~ Part 1

My sweet mama is turning 70 on Friday.She was born on April 8, 1941.
  Because we now live in the same town for the first time in 18 years, I am hosting a Garden Luncheon in her honor.  Fun!  I'm starting on the preparations today.  This morning I made lemon slice ice cubes to go in our drinks.

I am also making the table favors today.  Thanks to some brilliant gal on a blog which I cannot remember and could not find today, I decided to make old spoon garden stakes!  I found exactly 6 old but beautiful spoons at the flea market for .29 to .50 each.

I looked online for some free flower clip art.  Then decided to check the pretty, old calendars that I have been keeping for a craft.  Sure enough...the pictures on the back of the calendars, showing tiny examples of the pages inside, were the perfect size.

I used my circle punch to cut out pictures of pretty flowers.

Next, I coated the bowl of the spoon with a thin coating of Mod Podge.

Then placed the circle punched flowers and a printed tab of 'bloom' in the center of the spoon bowl.  I let it air dry for about a half hour, then coated the bowl of the spoon completely in Mod Podge again.  Let dry another half hour.

While those dried, I used pink tulle leftover from my niece's bridal shower 4 years ago to make 7x7 inch squares.  Inside each double square I placed 3 Gadioli bulbs, and tied the packet with pink curly ribbon.

I added a green fabric tie with some raffia ties to each spoon, and made a place card to go on the tulle packet of bulbs.  Hurray!  I like them!  Which is always a plus when you are making something for the first time.  :)  The spoons can be used in the ladies' flower beds or in an inside plant.  I plan coat the bowl of each spoon with a thin coating of polyurethane too, to make them weather proof.

 Check back later this week as I make more fun things for my mom's 70th b-day Garden Luncheon.  Thanks for popping by!  And mums the word....don't tell my mom about any of these surprises!  :)

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