Saturday, March 14, 2009

Simple Display

My fridge is one of those with LOTS of photos, cards, and notes displayed. I've used the fridge magnet frames for years. But recently I came up with something I like even better...and it only cost $1.

Target's dollar section had a teacher's 'sentence strip' holder in several fun colors, and since organizational tools are like toys to me, I couldn't help but purchase one. Bringing it home, I decided it would easily stick to the front of the fridge with Sticky Tac, and the clear vinyl pockets could hold all my fridge art! Now, the pictures, cards, and notes are easy to pop in, change out, take off and look at, and my fridge no longer has a great mismatch collection of magnets and frames. I pop in a grocery list, meal plan, or postcard and several days later, remove it without any effort. No matter the size of the artwork, I can make it fit in a pocket.

Keep your eyes open for great ways to re-purpose cute organizational tools...for a simple display!
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