Sunday, March 20, 2011

$1.49 Makes a Pretty Tidbit Stand

Recently my sweet in-laws were here visiting from Kansas City, MO. My mom in law and I managed to go out shopping 3X!  Bliss!  Two of our stops were at my favorite flea markets.  I think Southern Indiana has a love affair with flea markets...which suits me just fine. Among my fun finds were the 2 china plates above as well as 2 glass candle stick holders.
 I especially love's my signature color.  Both the spring green and the sage green of these plates caught my eye. These are Mayer China plates which apparently are collectibles. The pretty detail and shape of the candle stick holder was very appealing too.  99 cents for each candle holder and 49 cents for each plate.

I took my wonderful tube of E6000 glue and glued the candle holder to the bottom of the spring green plate.  I turned the candle holder upside down so the pretty detail would show better and it would have a wider base at the bottom.
 Voila!  A sweet little tidbit tray!  Or cake plate!  Or jewelery stand!  Or....
 I did the same to the sage green plate, and will look forward to using them both in decorating and in food presentations. 
 ...My bananas have a pretty sweet place to hang out!
And I'm really enjoying this little bit of Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara, CA on my little stand this spring.  Makes me feel peaceful, just to see it.  Ahhhhhh.  This is linked to the wonderful 
and to Elements Interiors

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