Saturday, April 9, 2011

~ A Garden Luncheon For My Mom's 70th B-day ~

April 8, 1941, my mama was born in a cotton picker's shack in Oklahoma.  Her grandfather noticed after birth, that her umbilical cord had come untied, and saved her life by retying it!  So now, April 8, 2011, we celebrated my mom's 70th b-day.  The day dawned beautifully here in southern Indiana.

I had the joy of hosting a Garden Luncheon for mom and several friends.  One guest got sick that morning, so that's her empty spot on the right.  I made Garden Stakes out of old spoons and gladioli bulb place can see them better here.
It's always a joy to use my pink depression glassware for a ladies' party.  :)

Sandra Lee gave me the idea for the Charming Little Cakes.  Recipe is here.

Asparagus Tarts were very tasty and so easy!
Doesn't this little cake make you feel like a princess?

Pasta/Bean Salad

Cucumber Chicken Salad....soooo good!  Recipe is here.

My Mama...
Since this was a Garden Luncheon and since my mom is new in the area and is starting from scratch with new flower beds, each of the ladies brought her some perennials as gifts!  And I displayed photos of mom throughout her early years.
Puff Pastry and Creme Treats...couldn't be easier or tastier!  Recipe next week.

Mom with her gardening goodies, including a new trowel and a bar of handmade soap!

It's me and my mama.  Don't mind that I look hot (it was in the 80s that day!) and frizzled (my hair loves hates humidity!)  But I was happy that all had gone so well and mom had been celebrated!

My mother at age 17....oh to have been born in the 1940s when natural beauty seemed so easy and classy.

We ended mom's b-day with dinner at O'Charley's with my Dad, husband, and son.  Then my guys and I stopped by the Ohio River for the most beautiful living near a river.
Ahhhhh...the end of a wonderful day.  With my handsome husband.   And knowing that my tomorrow was going to be free, free, FREE!!
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