Saturday, August 27, 2011

More DIY Binders

Last week I shared a post on how to organize the recipes, magazine pages, and computer print outs that you want to save.  There were pictures from my Recipe Binder and my Ideas Binder.  This post will show my Decorating Binder and Teaching Binder.  See Jane Austen's words above on the cover of the binder?  Oh, so true.

My Decorating Binder is a great place to organize the many great magazine photos I find.  I have one section for Seasons, and have inspirational photos of ideas for Fall, Christmas, Winter, Spring, Summer, and all the holidays in between.  Don't you love that frame with a bunting of real leaves hanging across it?!

And this darling Christmas tree made of layering open books?!  How do people come up with these smart ideas?!

More lovely Autumn ideas.

I have a section for colors.  Better Homes and Gardens has a special article on color each month, with several recommended paint colors in a certain color family.  I love to save those so if I need a really nice green, for instance, I've got some names to investigate.

Then an Interior section, where I gather ideas for pretty rooms, unusual displays, and nice room arrangements.

The Exterior segment holds ideas for outdoor holiday decor, patios, flower beds, door colors, porch displays, etc.
This is my Teaching Notebook...I taught Kindergarten Sunday School for years before we moved down south, and this is the notebook I started for collecting ideas for teaching children.  I am working with middle schoolers at church now, but will still keep up this notebook for the future.

Here is a list of teaching methods.

The Activities Section had great ideas of things to do with a group of children...creating a cardboard castle, for instance!  Alot of my ideas came from the Family Fun magazine.

And of course I had to have a big section for Crafts!

And games!  This notebook is going to be helpful as I have grandchildren down the road.  :)

And of course I needed a spot to keep samples of crafts made previously, so I didn't need to keep re-inventing the wheel every year.  :)

Notebooks are such a great way to organize your recipes, ideas, gift ideas, important papers, etc.  I even have a binder of some of my grown kids special papers and letter from their teen when we had them compose their Top Ten in a Spouse list, before they began to date.  Those are treasures!  In that binder I also have the last letter that my Grandma wrote me, just days before she died of a sudden heart attack.  I'm much more apt to look at these things and enjoy them in a binder, than in a box.

Inspired?  Just start!  When you choose a binder, you are on your way to beautiful notebooks that will be like scrapbooks for years to come.
Thank you so much for stopping by!  Your comments are always a joy to me!

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