Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~ More Little Things...~

It's the little things in life that often bring the most joy...like this burst of sunshine in my yard that is nearly open!  Guess who planted this?  The birds.  It's right beside my birdfeeder.  :)

This sweet perennial was here when we bought the house.  I LOVE orange flowers.  So cheery.  I found out today it is called a Butterfly Flower.  I like that.

My first hollyhocks.  Ever.  These are miniature ones.  So sweet.  Ordered from the Michigan Bulb Co.

Buttercrunch lettuce making my garden look yummy and lush.

I planted zinnias by seed.  They had a hard time getting started, but now the first blooms are opening.  Zinnias are the Indiana State Flower...but I've loved them since I was a child.  Aren't the stars in the center cool?  God is such an amazing Creator.
This little thing makes me happy!  My very first business cards!  In green.  I love them.

And it's a happy little thing to send off an etsy order to a girl in Oceanside, CA...wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string...yep, one of my favorite things. ;)

I love this amazing little thing...I could just kiss the person who decided that an ac vent should go right here by the stove where I stand and cook.  Ahhhh.

This was a sad little thing today...my favorite china tidbit tray got broken, but I had to remind myself that this was a 'little' sad thing.  And I'm glad for that little thing called E-6000 glue.  It solves alot of problems!
Right now I am greatly enjoying another little treat...time alone.  Rare, so a treat!

Enjoy your day!
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