Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Word for 2012

Have you heard of the idea of choosing 'One Word' for your new year?  It's kind of a one word New Year's resolution.  You can read more about it HERE.
My One Word for 2011 was "
Anticipate".  I chose that word for several reasons...we were new to this area and I wanted to anticipate the good things and people that we would meet in our new home.  I was anticipating God answering a deep heartfelt prayer request for one of my loved ones.  And we were hoping to anticipate the news that we would be grandparents for the first time!
We also had several special trips to anticipate...a family reunion at a gorgeous, huge lake house near St. Louis and nearly a week in Orlando at the Disney Resorts and Parks.
In choosing the word 'anticipate' I was putting my hopes in God for good things for the new year...anticipating blessings and answers to prayer.
So many of those blessings came to be!  Our first grandchild is due to be born ANY day!  :)  And we had the unexpected, bittersweet news that we have a 2nd grandchild due to be born in early March!  God is so sweet...we're going to have a grandson first and then a of each!
My deep prayer for my family member has been answered!!  Not completely, but certainly a big change has taken place in this one's life.
Our family has made sweet, new friends in our town and had such fun investigating new places.
The trips we took were above and beyond all that we asked or imagined!
Plus we enjoyed our first Square Foot Garden and I opened a successful Etsy shop!  It's been an eventful year for sure!
And now 2011 has drawn to a close.  It's time for 2012.  And a new 'One Word'.
Along with last year's fun and blessings, some ongoing trials arose.  We face uncertainty in several key areas of life.
I am tired.
All the activity of our comings and goings, family events and news, my Etsy shop, and homeschooling has left me a little bit weary.
I am feeling drawn to a new word for the new year.  Everywhere I look I see this word in print or read of the idea of it and its synonyms.  
My One Word for 2012 is

I want to take time to sit more with my Bible, my family, and for listening.
I want to rest in the Lord in the midst of trials and unknowns.  He already knows the outcome of the path ahead...fretting does not help or change things.  It just wears me out and causes me to worry.
I want to have a spirit that is at rest most of the time b/c I know that the Story Writer of our lives is turning the next page with the next bit of info at the right time.
I need to look into my husband's eyes and our children's eyes and just listen and be with them.
To sit and rock my darling grandbabies whenever I have the chance.
I hope to stand and look out the window for a moment each day and look for God's hugs and fingerprints.
To get outside for a bit each day to breathe the fresh air and feel His beauty all around.
And continue to take lots of photos, so that I can look back and be reminded over and over of the memories made each day.
Just like my little puppy-girl, I want to rest and just enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, touches, and tastes of the life God has given me...and trust Him in the midst of it all.  He is the Prince of Peace, and He lives in me.  Therefore His peace is always at my heart's fingertips, ready to fill me as I allow it.

Do you have a One Word for 2012?  I would LOVE to hear it, and why you chose it.  

I wish you peace and rest and anticipation for the new year of 



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