Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Word for 2012

Have you heard of the idea of choosing 'One Word' for your new year?  It's kind of a one word New Year's resolution.  You can read more about it HERE.
My One Word for 2011 was "
Anticipate".  I chose that word for several reasons...we were new to this area and I wanted to anticipate the good things and people that we would meet in our new home.  I was anticipating God answering a deep heartfelt prayer request for one of my loved ones.  And we were hoping to anticipate the news that we would be grandparents for the first time!
We also had several special trips to anticipate...a family reunion at a gorgeous, huge lake house near St. Louis and nearly a week in Orlando at the Disney Resorts and Parks.
In choosing the word 'anticipate' I was putting my hopes in God for good things for the new year...anticipating blessings and answers to prayer.
So many of those blessings came to be!  Our first grandchild is due to be born ANY day!  :)  And we had the unexpected, bittersweet news that we have a 2nd grandchild due to be born in early March!  God is so sweet...we're going to have a grandson first and then a of each!
My deep prayer for my family member has been answered!!  Not completely, but certainly a big change has taken place in this one's life.
Our family has made sweet, new friends in our town and had such fun investigating new places.
The trips we took were above and beyond all that we asked or imagined!
Plus we enjoyed our first Square Foot Garden and I opened a successful Etsy shop!  It's been an eventful year for sure!
And now 2011 has drawn to a close.  It's time for 2012.  And a new 'One Word'.
Along with last year's fun and blessings, some ongoing trials arose.  We face uncertainty in several key areas of life.
I am tired.
All the activity of our comings and goings, family events and news, my Etsy shop, and homeschooling has left me a little bit weary.
I am feeling drawn to a new word for the new year.  Everywhere I look I see this word in print or read of the idea of it and its synonyms.  
My One Word for 2012 is

I want to take time to sit more with my Bible, my family, and for listening.
I want to rest in the Lord in the midst of trials and unknowns.  He already knows the outcome of the path ahead...fretting does not help or change things.  It just wears me out and causes me to worry.
I want to have a spirit that is at rest most of the time b/c I know that the Story Writer of our lives is turning the next page with the next bit of info at the right time.
I need to look into my husband's eyes and our children's eyes and just listen and be with them.
To sit and rock my darling grandbabies whenever I have the chance.
I hope to stand and look out the window for a moment each day and look for God's hugs and fingerprints.
To get outside for a bit each day to breathe the fresh air and feel His beauty all around.
And continue to take lots of photos, so that I can look back and be reminded over and over of the memories made each day.
Just like my little puppy-girl, I want to rest and just enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, touches, and tastes of the life God has given me...and trust Him in the midst of it all.  He is the Prince of Peace, and He lives in me.  Therefore His peace is always at my heart's fingertips, ready to fill me as I allow it.

Do you have a One Word for 2012?  I would LOVE to hear it, and why you chose it.  

I wish you peace and rest and anticipation for the new year of 



Thursday, December 29, 2011

UpCycled Knit Scarf

It was a beautiful snowy morning.  And I had declared it to be my 'craft day!'

I love this top.  A ton.  But alas, it makes me look pregnant.  And since I am now 50 years old, that is not a good thing.  Ha! So I saved it for the fabric and today decided it'd be perfect for making a knit scarf.  Bridgette of Ette Studios has a great tutorial which has been making the rounds on Pinterest.  So I give her all the credit and thanks for her inspiration!  You can see it HERE.

Cutting the body of the top into strips.  Stretching them out.  And using the coordinating ties from the top to be my 'wraps.'

Alternating the side seams so that when I wrap them, they are not all in a bunch.

Using the wrap to hide the side seams, keep the strips together, and add a cute contrast.

Now to wrap the other set of side seams.

Pinned into place, making sure that the hand sewn side will be on the same side when the scarf is worn.

Handsewing the ends of the wrap together and alittle bit to the scarf.

Trying to take my photo in the bathroom mirror!

The sweater I plan to mostly wear with the scarf.

Oh and this sweater works too.  I doubled the scarf up today and it looked cute.  The picture isn't that great...but my 13 year old son was the photographer.  :)

So there!  I have FINALLY made a T-shirt or knit top scarf!!  Wanted to for months!

Thanks for stopping by!


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Starbucks Cup Scrapbook

I'm excited to share this fun craft with you today!  I learned this idea from Angie at Echos of Laughter last year.  She is such a creative girl!  Be sure and check out her delightful blog for a full tutorial on this little scrapbook.

This Starbucks cup was my holiday drink from last December...white mocha I think!  It's fun b/c the markings on the front of the cup are a remembrance of what I had that day while Christmas shopping with my mom.  :)  I  brought it home, washed it, and saved it for making a cute December scrapbook.

You cut the bottom of the cup off and then cut the cup down the seam to make the cover of your book.

Then you make a template for your pages.  I covered the inside of the 'cover' with cute paper and then made double page spread pages for the rest.

Since my b-day is in December, I decided to make my book about all the festivities of December rather than just Christmas.  Because the pages are small I had to get creative with the photos...cropping them when I was able, or cutting them and squishing them together.

It's cute to use as many 3D touches as you I used foam dots under embellishments and little photos.

I also put photos of a craft I made for gifts and of some decor I used for a dinner party.  Note the C'mas tree embellishment with a button on top.

Our Christmas Eve appetizer buffet...I had to cut part of the photo and superimpose it over the main part of the photo to get most of it on this page.

Using a circle punch I was able to put all of the photos of our family that were together for Christmas on one page even though the page was small.  And I put a foam dot under three of our photos for some depth.

Our puppy dog's stocking!  And I found that one of my photos had this picture of my Gooseberry Patch calendar in it, so I cut it out to add to the book.  :)

We had a white Christmas!

My sweet puppy-girl...Gracie.  She was enjoying Christmas Day!

Here you can see that I cut the photo in half and spread it over two pages.

The back of the book is where I attached the baker's twine to be the little closure for the book. A circle of paper hides the attachment. A button on the front is perfect for wrapping the twine around to keep the little book closed.

And I used a pick to poke 2 holes in the middle (folded part) of the pages and the cover.  This baker's twine ties it all together.  Worked out really well.

I hope you enjoyed this little sweet idea!  And thank you Angie for this adorable, brilliant idea!  I really love it!  

Merry Christmas!!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Hour Purse Organizer

I had some unexpected time at home alone tonight.  Bliss!  So I got busy on a project I was dying to make, and bingo!  It just took about an hour to make this fun, cute purse organizer.  I want to be sure to give the credit for this inspiration to the blogger at The Giving Flower.  She has a very nice tutorial here, so be sure to visit her blog in order to get all the instructions.

I went through my fabric stash and found these cute coordinating prints that would work.  I'm in love with all things vintage so that's why I chose this.  Yvonne, do you recognize this fabric?!  Thanks to you, I had it here...ready to use!!!

After measuring, ironing on interfacing, sewing, and ironing, it was ready to use.  You lay out your organizer before you sew the pockets and determine what items you want to go in it.  Then using a disappearing ink fabric pen, you mark off the size of pockets to fit your needs.

I left the last pocket on the right for kind of 'general' use.  Right now it is housing my lip balm and change purse.

Here's the reason I needed a purse organizer...I bought this bag recently at Hobby Lobby.  It's supposed to be a combo purse/tote bag for my 'must haves' and my new birthday present...more on that in a minute.

After fitting all my must haves in the organizer, I worked with it, to kind of roll it or fold it into a workable bundle.

This is designed so that when I want to change purses, for something smaller and nicer, I can just grab this organizer and plop it right into the purse of my choice.

My birthday gift.  That needed housing for going out and about. Yes, my husband spoiled me rotten.  He's so good to me!!

And here is my new bigger purse, all outfitted, organized, and ready for shopping, going to church, or any place.  I still have room in there for my Bible on Sundays.  Peachy!!

Miss Gracie Anne found it fascinating.  She's a girl.  Girls love purses.  

Yes, that might be a Dove Chocolate Easter Egg in there.  I try to have a small stash of dark chocolate on hand for come-what-may.  :)

So...if you need a purse organizer or wish to make one for a gift, check out the tutorial at The Giving Flower and go for it.  I'm sooo happy to get mine done.  Now...back to addressing thank you notes and Christmas cards.  :)


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turning Fifty is Fabulous!!

December 11, 1961...the Lord brought me into this world.  Unbelievably, that was 50 years ago!  How can I be a half century old?!  Oh well, might as well enjoy it!

It was such a fun celebratory weekend.  The night before my birthday, my sweet husband John and I had a night on the town.  Dinner at a Spanish Tapas Restaurant.

Yum!! evening at the Jim Brickman Christmas Concert!!  Love, love, love!!

Dad and Mom gave me a dozen red roses for my birthday.  Awwww.

Then Sunday, my actual birthday, we met my folks at The Lonestar Steakhouse for lunch after church.

French Fried Green Beans.  A-maaaa-zing!!

Then home for my gifties.  One from my daughter was Baker's Twine...yippeee!

Scotty McCreery can now croon to me while I cook dinner, thanks to my childhood bestie, Sandy!!

I was spoiled.  Rotten.  But I'm enjoying every bit of it!!  Yes, that is my amazing new iPad!!

Thank you Jesus for 50 full, healthy, happy years.  I'm so blessed with family, friends, and living my dream as a stay at home mom, wife, homeschool teacher, crafter, and soon to be Mimi to 2 little grandbabies in 2012!!


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