Monday, February 18, 2013

Book Review ~ The Tutor's Daughter

What a book!  The author, Julie Klassen, says she likes all things Jane...Jane Austen and Jane Eyre!  And this book shows it!  Set on the coast in Cornwall, England, Julie uses words to paint beautiful pictures of landscapes, 1800s clothing, the British aristocracy, and life for a simple, smart Tutor's daughter who thinks that love has passed her by.  The four sons of Sir Giles Weston are all mysterious in their own ways.  Henry and Phillip are grown and have gone through Emma's father's school as young lads.  Younger sons Rowan and Julian are now in need of a formal education, and Emma and her father are invited to come to their estate to tutor the 15 year old twins for the year.  Will Emma get to spend time with her old friend Phillip?  Will Henry, her antagonist from earlier years, continue to tease her and play mean jokes on her, even though he is now a man?  And what are those strange sounds she hears in the manor late at night?  Who is coming into her room?  Yes, it's a bit of Jane Eyre and Jane Austen all right!  You'll hardly be able to put it down.  And you'll feel like you've been on vacation to the shores of Cornwall in the process.  Enjoy!
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