Gifts to Fit in an Card

Stitched Paper Bookmark...a Nice Little Giftie

Today I needed 2 little gifties to mail in two as a tiny b-day gift and one as a thank you gift.  It was so much fun to make these little beauties with things right in my craft stash.

I found four coordinating papers in my scrapbook supplies.  I used cardstock for the bookmark base, and the other papers as embellishments.  I folded the approximately 8 inch long cardstock strip in half and used my sewing machine to stitch on the coordinating blue rectangle to its lower half.  Next I put the brad through the printed circle and into the bookmark.  Now it was ready for the final stitching...just all the way around the exterior of the folded bookmark.  Lastly came the punched flowers, a foam dot gave dimension to the top flower, and a button finished it off.  I added 3 small pink  ribbons to the top, gluing them to the back of the bookmark.  And glued a piece of blue paper over their tails on the back, to keep it neat and tidy.  Printing out the word 'friends' in Courier font and attaching to the front was the last touch.

Lastly I added a handscripted message with a black fine tip gel pen, and the little bookmarkers were ready to pop in a card and mail.  I hope my friends will feel loved and special when this bit of handmade love is delivered to their mailbox.

Making bookmarks with paper, embellishments, and the sewing machine (or hand-stitching if need be) is fun, easy, inexpensive, and easy to mail.  Could be a sweet stocking gift or teacher's gift too!



Gift to Mail in a Card #2

While blog hopping this morning, I came across the cutest idea for making bookmarks.  And realizing they are the perfect little handmade gift that you can tuck in a card to mail, I put it on my fun 'to do' list for today.  Please visit KR Creations, as she is my inspiration and idea giver for today's craft.

Take a piece of cardstock (the thin decorative paper won't work as well as heavier cardstock-type).  I especially like the kind that is double sided, since it gives you some coordinating paper to use as trim.  Cut a piece approx. 4" x 3.25".  Two of mine are alittle larger than that.  Fold the paper in half.  Use a sewing machine to sew the top and right sides together.  Insert ribbon first, if desired.  On examples #1 and #2, I also sewed my contrasting paper on before sewing the top and sides together.  Leave the left side and bottom of the folded paper unsewn.

Embellish with a favorite phrase, buttons, punch outs, etc.  Your imagination is the only limitation!

This one is made from cardstock that is printed with vintage children's phonics images.  So so cute!  I added the matching strip of plaid paper along with a circle punch out and 2 buttons, slightly off-kilter for more interest.

I forgot to add ribbon at the top of this one before sewing it together, so I just made a paper loop and added it to the top, gluing it to the back.

Isn't this paper cheery! 

And oh so true, that books take us on wonderful adventures.  :)  The book I am reading right now for pleasure is set in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California.  Happy sigh.

This craft was so fun, easy, and quick.  In just a small amount of time I have three gifts to give.  I enjoyed sewing with raveling edges!  I would like to make more using an old map, a page from a vintage children's book, and sheet music.  It's fun to send a little surprise along with a card, and these will easily fit that endeavor.  These would make cute party favors or craft show merchandise, too.
Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by!

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