Monday, May 2, 2011

A Gift to Mail in a Card

When mailing a birthday card to a friend, I really like to include some kind of small, flat gift.  Something that will make the card more fun to open...a little surprise!

So when sending my Aunt a b-day card, I decided to fashion a magnet to send for her kitchen.  She loves sunflowers, so that was my inspiration.  I used  my Cricut to cut out flower shapes in sunflower colors, making each one alittle bigger than the one before.  I then glued them, one upon another, turning them each time so that the petals of the flower underneath would show through.  A little layered button embellishment was a fun way to make it look finished.  I cut a piece of a flat advertisement  magnet (the kind you receive in the mail from realtors, etc.) and glued it to the back. 
A sweet little 5 minute gift was born!  I loved that I could do it quickly with materials I had on hand.  That made my spontaneous idea, doable.  These could be done in beautiful colors for spring and would be lovely party favors, Mother's Day gifts for children to make, or teacher's gifts.  Enjoy!
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