Sunday, October 2, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin

 Are you ready to 'shop the house' and make a cute craft? 

All you need is a new roll of toilet paper, a square of fallish fabric that is about 18x18 inches (or a fat quarter), a thick stick, and some jute, twine, or raffia.
Open your fabric and turn it upside down.  I didn't even iron this piece, and it won't show.  Put the roll of paper right in the center.
Then begin taking the corners of the fabric and tucking it into the hole of the roll of paper.  You can work at this and redo it if you want to til you like the folds and tucks that the fabric makes.

More tucking...

Nearly done tucking...
I left a corner of the fabric up to serve as a leaf.  :)  Then used a thick stick stuck into the middle to be the stem.

And there she is!

I decided to make a little tag to hang on the pumpkin.  This is a gift tag that said "thanks"  on it, but I layered 3 colored shapes over it, added a button for the flower, and then the word 'fall.'
I hung it from the stem by jute, and she's done!  My mom in law, who doesn't think she is crafty, made one too!


So, give it a try!  Fun craft to make with kids, youth, or a group of friends.  And when you are ready to take it apart, the toilet paper is still good to use, and the fabric is in perfect condition to use for something else.  


(PS...I decided I liked the pumpkin better without the tag the tag is now off the pumpkin and propped up against the real gourd to the side.  I love the tag, but just not on the pumpkin...rather as a part of the vignette!)

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