Thursday, October 4, 2012

Purse Organizers Make Great Gifts!

A year ago, I followed a simple tutorial from a blog and made myself a purse organizer.  I blogged about it HERE and this link will take you to the blog where I first found it featured.  :)  I've used it everyday since!  LOVE it!  Keeps my purse tidy and makes it so much easier to switch purses.

Since I like mine so well, I am making them for my Etsy shop, Perfect Darlings.  If you are the crafty type, go for making it yourself!  And if not, head over to my Etsy shop and see if you are interested in one for yourself or a gift. These would make such nice gifts for b-days, Christmas, or any other occasion.

I'm just going to let the photos show you the prettiness and the usefulness of these little beauties.


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