Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Rocks

I saw a photo this morning that gave me a fun idea...when people come into my backyard gardens they often ask me what herbs I have coming up.  So I decided to make Garden Rocks to identify my herbs.  I chose 3 nicely shaped river rocks from our landscaping.

I've been saving my cute calendars over the years for some kind of craft.  Loving the drawings of Susan Branch, I used little pics from this calendar for decorating my rocks.

I used scissors and my small circle punch to cut out the little pics, then cut them down alittle further to fit the oval stones.
Here are my freshly washed and dried rocks, fitted with their calendar pics.  It would have been ideal to have had little herb pictures to go on these, but none were to be found.  Since I'm working on not being a perfectionist, I figured this was a good opportunity to just enjoy and accept what I had on hand.  :)  Time to Mod Podge...oh yes!

Satin Mod Podge and an old watercolor brush.

I applied some Mod Podge to the spot on the rock where I wanted to stick the picture.  Added the picture, then Mod Podged over the top of it, using my finger to smooth down the edges and conform the picture to the shape of the rock.

Let that initial Mod Podge dry, then added a nice coat over the entire top of the rock for a uniform shine.  Let dry about an hour.
Once dry, I took them outside and sprayed them with 6-7 light coats of polyurethane.  I also sprayed the Garden Spoon I made back in April, to weather-proof it.

Now for the fun them in my garden!  I planted these herbs from seed, and have a nice stand started.  In a month, it will be lush and wonderful!  But for now, they are a bit humble.  I'm ok with that!

Thank you for visiting my herb garden today!  I always enjoy your comments and appreciate you stopping by. God bless you today with health, joy, and memories made!

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