Sunday, April 8, 2012

1940's Gossip Bench

Meet the newest member of our home...a little 1940s Gossip Bench!  I've been stopping to ooh and ahh over little Telephone Benches or Gossip Benches for the past few years, but I really didn't have a good spot for one.  Until THIS girl!  

She was in a corner booth at a local favorite Flea Market.  She caught my eye right away.  I looked.  I liked.  I walked away. Then I came right back and looked some more!  She's only 30 inches wide, which is small enough for the spot I had for her.  And that rounded table part just got to me.  Love!

She was very scratched.  But sturdy.  She had a red velvet upholstered seat that had to was worn out and had dog hair on it.  Ick.  But she was only $25 and I HAD to bring her home.  And I'm sooooo glad I did!!

An antique dealer recommended that I not paint her or refinish her, but just use dark wood scratch remover.  That was certainly easy!

I couldn't resist this little piece of fabric for the seat.  I have aqua and this green throughout my house.  And the chocolate brown circles match the wood!

The little cubby in the table is meant for the phone book back in the day when benches like this were used.  The phone was stationary, so a bench/table like this was a great place to sit and use the phone.

This hat is very special to belonged to Auntie husband's spiritual grandmother.  She is still living and prays for us every day.  She was a pastor's wife, and wore hats to church.  Isn't it precious?

And now this little lady is clean, reupholstered, and gracing our dining room!

I love her!  And she fits here beautifully and perfectly.

Thank you for stopping in my home and letting me show you my weekend project and new favorite piece of furniture!  I had a ball!


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  1. Oh, my my my. This is just too cute! I love the little hat--such a quaint 40's touch! Scratch cover is great stuff...I need to use it again on my secretary after the move. You did such a wonderful job with her...she's a beaut!

  2. It certainly has an elegant look... and you have dressed it up perfectly!
    -Kristen G.

  3. I have always wanted one of these too. Love the choice of fabric, brings it up to date, without losing the 40's flair. Great job!
    DP in SE PDX

  4. My parents got this same bench as a wedding present in 1947. I now have it in original condition. Certainly some scratches, but original seat upholstery. My mother kept magazines stacked on the seat for decades, so actually protected it from wear and deterioration. Thought you would like to know originally an off white vinal, which was certainly popular in the day. Enjoy it.

  5. I have the exact same one. It belonged to my Mom. It had a white vinyl seat cover and I replaced it with fabric but the wood is all original. I wouldn't take a million dollars for mine. You've got a rare find there,enjoy it.

  6. I just bought a similar table. It is my third gossip table - all different styles. Couldn't pass it up for $25! Love mine and yours as well. Great spot for yours - not sure where mine is going to "live" yet.

  7. Just found one in the attic. It appears to be in really good shape...way cool.


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