Sunday, April 29, 2012

DIY Composition Notebooks to a Grandma's Journal

I am such a blessed woman.  I turned 50 in December, and  became a grandma for the first time in January and the second time in February!  Carson Davis is 16 weeks old and Eloise Mae is 9 weeks old.  And I get to be their Mimi.  Complete bliss!

I met an experienced grandmother who told me that she has journals for her grandchildren.  She writes in them about the times she spends with them, and as the kids are getting older, they love to read them.  I was smitten by this idea, right away.

Since I've decorated Composition notebooks before to use as holiday idea books (read about that here) and life organizers too, I decided to go that route with Mimi Journals.  October Afternoon has adorable vintage papers that I decided were perfect for my project.

For each of the journals, I chose coordinating papers, some buttons, and I printed the baby's name on cardstock.

And with the use of a pencil, scissors, glue stick, raised foam dot, photo splits, tacky glue, and spray adhesive, it just took about 30 minutes to cut the papers to size and attach them and the buttons.  I love this one for Carson.  Carson is ALL boy.  And I can just see him riding his bike some day with boots on, like the little boy I used as an embellishment.  :)

Inside I will journal about the excitement of waiting for his birth.  The things I made for him or found for  him.  The special events of the day he was born, and then about the times I've gotten to spend with him since then.  I will add a few photos, plus other paper ephemera from times we've been together.  Can't wait!

Eloise is a sweet, gentle, darling baby girl.  So I made her book all pinkness and prettiness.

I just spent 3 days with her in her home in Chicago!  So I have already written in her journal and gotten it up-to-date.  I am including a few pictures of her birth, the Valentine card her Mommy sent to Papa and I from Eloise before she was born, the hospital cafeteria receipt from when we were there, etc.

Feel so blessed to be their Mimi.  
Daily praying for them and their sweet
parents.  And looking forward to all the memories we will get to make over the years.

These embellished, personalized journals are easy to make.  I hope you'll give one a try.



  1. They are so awesome! A great idea...I may have to make a Nana book of my own. :-)

  2. What a cute idea! I'm going to tell my mom about it. Maybe I should make her a book for Mother's Day gift? Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Congrats on being a grandma btw. They are adorable!


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