Thursday, September 10, 2015

Five Ideas on a September Eve

1.  Lazy Girl Iced Tea ~ I love to drink iced tea.  So refreshing.  But sometimes I get tired of brewing a pitcher full every few days.  So I took a short cut one day, and found it works pretty decently.  I put a tea bag in a glass of cold water and let it sit 20 minutes.

Voila!  My berry flavored green tea infused into the water, and was tasty, even if not quite as strong as if I'd brewed it.  I leave that tea bag hanging out in my glass all day, and just refill it with water.  The berry flavor infuses the water and gives me a tasty drink all day long.  :)

2.  Put people on your weekly To-Do list ~ I'm naturally very project oriented, so on my weekly to do list, I add chores, meals, errands, and projects.  Lately I've been realizing that I have  people I want to connect with, but they get lost so easily lost in the shuffle of my projects.  So now I'm adding people to my list, and it's making a difference.  People matter so much more than projects, so this is helping me to remember to build time into my week for letters, texts, emails, and visits.

3.  Crafting with cans ~ In November I will be having a booth in my very first craft show!  I'm excited as well as anxious, hoping I can have plenty of items made and ready for the big day, along with filling Etsy orders.  I'm experimenting with some new products for the show.  These upcycled tin cans were fun to put together.  I have quite a few decorated cans that I use in my crafting...they hold paint brushes, pens and scissors, etc.  I'll be making lots of these to sell this fall, and some will even have their tin lids with little knobs on top and can function as a gift holder for wrapped candies and more!

5.  Writing letters to my little Grands ~ Living long distance from my 3 (soon to be 4!) little grandgirl and grandboys means I have to be creative in finding ways to connect with them.  We usually Face Time, which is GREAT!  But one week I decided to mail them letters.  I added pictures to the letters, so they could help Mom read it.  Please forgive my amateur grands certainly did.  :)

I hear that 3 year old Carson has his hanging on his bedroom wall, and wants to turn it over periodically so the pictures on the other side can be seen.  :)

Notice I employed some Ed Emberley books to help me with some simple drawings.  :)  The internet also helped me with some simple drawings to copy.

Eloise loves my stuffed Charlie Brown, so he usually travels with me when I go to visit her.  She's already put in her order of things Mimi should bring when baby brother is born. :)

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