Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine Table

Once Upon A Time...I bought a sweet little glass topped side table from Goodwill.

She was dusty, forgotten, and adorable.

The price was juuuuusssstttt right.

She was painted, the glass top removed and cleaned, and the black top made a perfect canvas for displaying treasures from a recent special 25th Anniversary trip.  I always planned on re-doing the top for holidays.  But never did until....

I purchased some SWEET vintage Valentines at a flea market last week.  Three for $1!  Inspired, I took the glass top off, laid a sweet piece of October Afternoon paper out as the new mat, and placed the valentines atop along with a piece of sheet music, a paper doily, and some punched hearts.  Love the way the red pops on the black background.  

And there she is!  I'll put the other paper ephemera in a file folder to re-use again some time.  But I am going to have fun re-decorating this table every season, now that I've taken the initial plunge.

Keep your eyes open for your own little glass topped table.
A great canvas for new decor in just minutes!

Thank you for stopping by!  I'm hosting a Valentine Brunch soon, so come back to see ideas I'll be posting for it.


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