Friday, June 7, 2013

My One Yard Wonder

Two Christmases ago, I received this cute idea book as a gift.  It was something I'd never looked at but it sounded fun and full of promise, so I had it on my Christmas wish list!  Shamefully, it took me 1.5 years to really use it!  Just today I  MADE something from it!  And it was so cool to have the patterns included, ready to cut out and put to use.  So, introducing, my One Yard Wonder!

I think they call this Granny's Clothespin Apron.  It's the greatest idea!  A cute little apron which has a large pocket across the front that is made to hold your clothespins while you hang things on the line.  Brilliant!

I adore hanging sheets, towels, PJs, and blankets on the line to dry.  They come in smelling like fresh air and sunshine, and the towels are so much more absorbant than when machine dried.  My clothespin bag usually ends up blowing off the line and landing in a spot of mud, so this apron will be just what I need.
The patterns were easy to cut out and use.  The instructions were mostly clear, and it went together easily.  Such a fun project!  It probably took me 3 hours, but I'll be faster with the next one I make.

The clothespins settle right into the large front pocket or can clip to the pocket edge.  

Isn't the fabric cute?

Since my fabric had a pattern to it, I situated the front of the apron right over this sweet little girl that is outside enjoying being a kid.

The ties are sturdy and are about 30 inches long.

And here I am modeling it.  I made this one for my Etsy shop, Perfect Darlings, but definitely plan to make one for ME!  No more flying clothespin bag!  Yippee!!  And as I take things off the line, it will be so easy to put the pins in my pocket, rather than keep the bag on the line within my reach.

This apron would also work for kitchen and house work.  Pockets for your iPhone, iPod, kleenex, lip balm, or whatever.  Maybe I need two!

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