Monday, June 20, 2011

A Lovely New Chapter Ahead

My husband and I have entered a lovely new chapter in our lives...our daughter is expecting our first grandchild!  I think I was born to be a mama and a I am excited and ready!  That's me with a future granddaughter up there above...hee hee!

Our first born, Lindsey Brooke, is our only daughter, and therefore is the family princess.  Now she will be giving birth to her own little Prince or Princess.  She's 10 weeks, and due in mid-January.
I'm taking my Mimi job seriously. ;) Bargain shopping for things for our have at his/her house or to have at Papa and Mimi's house.  Just wait til we find out if it's going to be a Prince or a Princess!  Then my sewing machine will start humming too!

Congratulations Rich and Lindsey!  You will be excellent parents and will love this new journey that will last the rest of your lives.  Children are a blessing from the LORD.

Mimi Donna
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