Thursday, December 1, 2011

That's A Wrap!

Hello my friends!  It's been a couple of weeks since I've blogged.  Because of Thanksgiving (we had ALL of our birdies back in the nest for two nights...bliss!) and because my etsy shop has kept me humming away on my sewing machine!  That's been a fun and happy thing.

Dear daughter brought our Christmas gifts and my December b-day gifts to leave with us.  She did SUCH a cute job wrapping mine, that I had to show-n-tell them with you.

Isn't my Christmas gift festive and sweet?!  She used Dollar Tree kraft paper, baker's twine, a printable sheet of Silent Night (pinterest), and a button.  I.  Just.  Love.  It!!
It will go in the front under the tree.  :)

I like the way she put the sheet music on at an angle, and has the twine strings spread apart.  Kraft paper, black, white, and red just go together.

And THESE are my b-day gifties!!  Again, so cute and interesting.  I can hardly wait to see what they contain!

She used Dollar Tree kraft paper that has printed pink and brown polka dots on them...such cute paper!  And the raffia, buttons, and string are the perfect touch.  

Have you ever tried sewing on kraft paper?  You should!  It's easy, fun, and makes such a cute presentation.  Isn't the pouch on the left, with the flap lid, cute?

And a paper cut out flower adds a sweet splash of color on the box on the right.  

See the middle sized one in the back?  It is completely sewn all the way around.  She put the gift in between 2 piece of kraft paper and sewed the package together!  How fun is that!  :)

Know what that pink string is wrapped willy-nilly around the two little boxes?  Pink crochet thread!!  Much less expensive than baker's twine, and just as cute!!  After seeing her idea on this, I purchased some red crochet thread to use on some Christmas gifts, and wrapping my etsy orders for December.

Here's a secret...I REALLY don't like to wrap gifts.  Ugh.  But these ideas, are going to make it alittle more fun to be creative this Christmas. 
So thank you, dear Lindsey, for making my gifts soooo
pretty this year!  She says it might be the last time for a few years...she's expecting our first granchild in about 6 weeks.  :)

Blessings and Christmas Cheer,

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