Monday, July 11, 2016

Staycation Southern Indiana Style...Day 1

Hello for the first time since last September!  

Rather than post a bunch of photos on Facebook, I decided to chronicle our Staycation through my blog.  Here's how it came to be...we had planned a vacation to the Smoky Mountains in TN for May.  But my poor mama fell at a garage sale and broke her hip in late April!  Our vacation was scheduled to take place during her first week back home after hospitalization, surgery, and a week in rehab.  So our trip was just not meant to be, since we needed to help her and my Dad daily that week.

Fast forward to June, and we realized that our summer was now pretty much booked up with other trips and responsibilities.  Trying to schedule a replacement vacation would be too hard.  I read a magazine article about how to have a Staycation, and make it feel like a vacation.  The idea sounded perfect for us, and my husband and son agreed!  No hassle of packing, boarding our dog, or driving for 6 hours!  So, we are taking the first 3 days of this week for our Staycation, and enjoying it very much.

The article suggested that you do the things that make a vacation special...eating out, no work, doing fun things, taking time to be a family.  So these are the the ideas that we came up with for our Staycation in our Ohio River city in southwest Indiana.

We won't have time to do ALL of these things, but it is fun to have choices.  Some are touristy type things that we have not done during our 6 years living here.  Others are just fun things we don't usually take time for.  I have a feeling that the simple, homey activities will end up being my favorites.  :)

What's a vacation without tasty treats?  My son and I picked out some snacks and treats at the grocery store to have this week.  And I baked some chocolate whole wheat zucchini bread with our garden zucchini, to have for a coffee/breakfast treat.  So that's how our day started on Staycation Day 1.

For Day 1, we did something so fun for lunch.  We went to Meijer and each chose some special lunch foods for a picnic lunch.  It was quite fun to look at all the possibilities and everyone pick their favorite.

There are so many individual serving sized drinks and food available these days.  Don't these little bottles of Lemonade in the refrigerated section look good?

Lots of meat and cheese packages in the deli.

I was tempted to choose a fresh roll from the bakery.

For less than $14, we all got what we wanted!

Along with a small cooler of fruit, we took off for the Ohio River front for our picnic.  It's a beautiful place to sit and relax or to walk.  Our picnic consisted of fresh popcorn chicken, jalepeno pretzel poppers (yum!), salad, fruit, drinks, and some chocolate for dessert.

We went up on the rooftop patio of our visitor's center, and the Lord was so sweet to give us the ONE bench that was in the shade.  Great lunch spot, with a cool river breeze blowing.

After lunch, there was alittle football tossing between John and Tanner.

The beautiful riverfront.

Loved the flowers around the visitor's center.

Next up, we went to see Finding Dory.  Awwww, so cute.  Baby Dory was darling!!

After the movie, we actually went laptop shopping for son.  And then, a light supper at Freddy's.

Thanks, Freddy's, for doing lettuce wrap burgers!  And wow, those skinny fries are my favorite.

So...That is Day 1!  We've enjoyed relaxing this evening and watching a Christmas movie on Hallmark.  I just love Christmas movies in July...the snow looks so refreshing on a 90 degree day.  

And now tomorrow...we are headed to Owensboro, KY for a museum, flea market, lunch, and their gorgeous riverfront.

Night, night!

Thanks for stopping by!



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