Sunday, June 5, 2011

Milk Jug Lego Caddy

Last week I had a great time changing an empty plastic milk jug into a cute little caddy for me!  You can read about it and see a tutorial HERE. When we finished up another jug of milk, I made one for my 13 year old son's Legos.  He's loving it and ready for me to make more!
As seen in the previous caddy tutorial, I cut the jug and cleaned it well.  I would have liked to cut some Lego pics out of one of my son's many Lego magazines.  But, he just couldn't bear it!  So instead we googled "Lego Clip Art" and found some free ones online to print.
I also typed up the word "LEGO" and printed it out to add to the caddy.  After the Mod Podge dried, he had the fun of loading it up.  He was surprised with how many bricks could fit.

I engaged him to take some of these photos...he came up with this shot himself.  Fun.  :)

We put another pic on the backside of the caddy.  The handle makes it easy to carry the caddy from place to place.
So here it is, on his bookshelf.  Dear son must have thousands of Lego pieces, so dear Mama is very much ready to provide more and more caddies to house this wonderful toy.  Give it a try!  Easy.  Quick (15 minutes?). And free! 
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