Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage Bunting Expanding!

Oh boy, oh boy!  I had such fun making the next Artist Trading Card for my Vintage Bunting.  If you would like to see the first post where I started my Vintage Bunting, please click HERE.  The one on the right is today's creation.  I will keep on creating cards now and again until I fill the bunting ribbon.

Today's card was inspired by a beautiful idea I saw on Pinterest.  Making a cupcake design out of buttons!

I used some vintage inspired printed cardstock for the base of it.  Then cut out the 'C' page from the glossary of a vintage children's book and used it for the mat.  Fun!  I cut out a cupcake liner from the other side of the watermelon paper (base) and sewed some lines into it.  (Note to time, pull the threads through to the underside before knotting and cutting them off so they won't easily unravel.)

I adhered all of these paper parts together then played with the buttons until I got a combination of size and color that I liked.  So fun to 'top' it off with a little flower button, like a cherry on top!  Just used tacky glue to put these on the paper.  Lastly I decided that my 'title' for this page would be the letter 'C' which is just a sticker on a pink circle, adhered with a foam dot.

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments!  Each one is like getting a letter in mail...exciting!

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