Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eastery Eggs...(...as Tigger would say...)

I had the B.E.S.T. time today, making 'Eastery Eggs,' (as Tigger calls them!)
I started with raw eggs, made little holes in each end, and just about killed my cheeks/jaw blowing out the egg contents into the sink.

Yes.  Amen!

These were my tools of choice.  I made a hole in each end with the corsage pin, then gently twisted the little Philips head screwdriver in the holes.  Worked GREAT!  You use the pin, again, to 'stir' the yolk, making it more cooperative in coming out.

My neighbor friend, Carrie, came over and like little girls, we had fun coloring the eggs and then copying some fun ideas online to decorate them! 

Meet Chicken Little, Dotty, 70's Flower Child, the Bluebirds of Happiness, the Carrot Twins, and little Flower Power.

For some reason, Flower Power is one of my very favorites, altho I also love the birds, carrots, and chick.

Are you ready to have fun like you did when you were a girl?  Give these babies a try.  Come up with your own ideas or copy some online.  It didn't take long and doesn't have to be perfect.  And I now feel like Easter is around the corner.  On a more serious note...our family is reading about Jesus' last week of life before his crucifixion and resurrection from The Message each night after supper.  I can't wait to sing the powerful hymns and worship songs Sunday morning at church.  Easter is truly the most joyous holiday there is!!  He is risen!  He is risen, indeed.

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