Thursday, December 29, 2011

UpCycled Knit Scarf

It was a beautiful snowy morning.  And I had declared it to be my 'craft day!'

I love this top.  A ton.  But alas, it makes me look pregnant.  And since I am now 50 years old, that is not a good thing.  Ha! So I saved it for the fabric and today decided it'd be perfect for making a knit scarf.  Bridgette of Ette Studios has a great tutorial which has been making the rounds on Pinterest.  So I give her all the credit and thanks for her inspiration!  You can see it HERE.

Cutting the body of the top into strips.  Stretching them out.  And using the coordinating ties from the top to be my 'wraps.'

Alternating the side seams so that when I wrap them, they are not all in a bunch.

Using the wrap to hide the side seams, keep the strips together, and add a cute contrast.

Now to wrap the other set of side seams.

Pinned into place, making sure that the hand sewn side will be on the same side when the scarf is worn.

Handsewing the ends of the wrap together and alittle bit to the scarf.

Trying to take my photo in the bathroom mirror!

The sweater I plan to mostly wear with the scarf.

Oh and this sweater works too.  I doubled the scarf up today and it looked cute.  The picture isn't that great...but my 13 year old son was the photographer.  :)

So there!  I have FINALLY made a T-shirt or knit top scarf!!  Wanted to for months!

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