Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trash to Splash...Milk Jug to Cute Caddy

I cut out an idea from a  magazine awhile back showing how to cut a plastic milk jug so that is can be a cute caddy.  I had in mind to make one of these (or ten of these) to help house my son's million Lego pieces.  But when I tried to get him to let me cut 1-2 little Lego pics out of a catalog to use for it, he refused!  So I made this one for me....using sweet old calendars, I found some pics I could use.

Cute, cute, cute.

Of course I forgot to take a pic of how to cut the milk jug but you'll be able to see it in the upcoming photos.  I used dear  ol' Mod Podge to adhere the pics to the jug.

I put the other two pics on the other side of the jug front, so it looks like....

This!  And added a couple little cut-outs at the top to hide little indentions in the jug.

A piece of raffia for a tie on the handle and three overlapped buttons for embellishment.  I glued the raffia to the handle after tying it on.

So, Legos would go in these caddies per-fect-ly!  But since I made one for me, hmmm.  Apples?

A craft project that you wanted to have on-the-go-ready?

How about craft supplies?

Or even baking supplies in your pantry.  So, there you have it, a trash to splash idea.  I LOVE organizing containers, and they are rather pricey to purchase.  So if I can use a milk jug instead, then bravo!  Thank you for visiting, and know that I love your comments and ideas.


  1. What an idea! Thanks for sharing! Loved your space.

  2. Thank you so much! :) I so appreciated your comment and your visit!

  3. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. :)
    I love these beautiful calendars and always want to keep them. So this is a great way to keep some of the pretties out of them. :) I'm your newest follower. :)


  4. This looks great. I am hosting a photobook giveaway. I would love for you to stop by. Have a great week. Anu


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