Monday, July 2, 2012

Bethany House Book Reviews

Dear Blog Friends,

I have been terribly neglectful of my blog for several months.  I have excuses.  My Etsy shop keeps me busy almost every day.  A GOOD problem to have.  :)  My toothbrush pouches for traveling are very popular, so I am busy sewing and shipping most days.  The other excuse is even more wonderful!  My 2 adorable Grand Darlings!  Carson is 5.5 months old and Eloise is 4 months old.  I've gotten to take several trips this summer already, to spend time with these two precious little ones.  Bliss.  :)

But I want to let you know about something else that brings me joy, relaxation, encouragement, and mental vacations.  Bethany House Christian fiction books are a wonderful way to unwind at the end of the day and get my mind to relax so that I fall right to sleep when the lights go out!  They are quality, inspiring, interesting, and are something I look forward to every single night.  I'd like to share with you several that I have read this spring and summer.

An Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser captured my attention before I even opened the cover. Such beautiful artwork on the cover!  And the mystery of the title and the scene on the cover drew me in.  The main character, Lucy, a young Italian dressmaker living with her extended family in New York City, is sweet and smart.  Her family depends on her to help make a living and to help lead them in wise decisions, as her father has died.  Lucy's friendship with one of the young socialites for which she sews clothes, leads her to a wonderful summer away from hot New York City, to the seaside delights of Rhode Island.  While there, she chances to meet a wonderful, wealthy young man and they fall in love.  BUT...who is this young man, and does she really have the freedom to accept his love and devotion?  Time will tell!  I will definitely read this book again in the future.  It was captivating.  I enjoyed the scenery so nicely painted with words.  I like to sew, so I enjoyed the descriptions of the dress designing and hat making.  And Lucy is a character that is easy to love.  Click the photo above to be taken to Amazon for more information.

In Too Deep by Mary Connealy was a fun book.  Ethan Kincaid is a rugged, strong, man of honor.  He has trouble expressing his true feelings and tends to try to smile problems away.  He feels very responsible for his brothers and for a certain young widow who needs protection.  Therefore, he proposes to Audra, and is suddenly a husband and the father of two little girls.  Audra is independent and strong, but is facing fears of her own.  Can love grow and flourish in such a situation?  And with dangerous crooks in search of a treasure they believe that Audra possesses?  What about the perilous cave on their land which both intrigues the Kincaid family and also strikes dread in their hearts?  Is it a friend or a foe?  You'll fall in love with Ethan, Audra, the Kincaid brothers, the baby girls, and the  determined Julia in this story from long ago.  I enjoyed reading about the workings of an 1800s ranch. Click the photo above to find more info on Mary's book.


  1. How relaxing and fun to make time to read :) I miss reading for fun!

  2. Both of these books sound very intriguing. :-) I've read 3 books since we moved here--I enjoy sitting outside on the patio but right now, it's much too hot. I find if I try to read in the house, I fall asleep! HA Of course, I've fallen asleep outside on my lounge chair too. :-)


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