Friday, March 23, 2012

Woodland Theme Baby Meet and Greet

This happy little 10 week old boy is our first grandchild!
Carson Davis, born to our beautiful daughter Lindsey and her husband Rich.  Carson and his family live 6 hours north of us, so it was a BIG deal when he got to come to Mimi and Papa's house for the first time last weekend.  To celebrate, we hosted a Meet and Greet so that our friends could meet this little love bug and help us celebrate his life!

Mimi (that's me!) had SUCH a fun time planning and preparing for the Meet and Greet.  I made this bunting of his name to hang in the great room.

Pinterest taught me to make these adorable birds, which fit right in with the Forest Friends theme of this shower. This hung on the door to greet our guests.

I wanted to have a little party favor for each family to take home.  I planted these Snapdragon seeds 10 days in advance in little peat pods.  Happily they came up nicely and sat on a square of wax paper inside these cute cupcake liners.  

I had two plates of them on the entryway table, and made cute little scrapbook paper plant pokes to adorn each one.

Carson's nursery is an adorable Forest Friends theme, so I did the food and decor to go along with that.

Do you like the Cheese and Tomato Toadstools?  They are as tasty as they are cute!  Borrowed this idea from some of Lindsey's friends.

I found this idea online as well, altho I used a brownie mix instead of a chocolate cake mix.  And that way only the white part needed frosting, plus brownies are easier to eat by hand.

These Acorn Sweets were soooo cute!  And easy to make, altho a wee bit tedious.  You'll find the ingredients and instructions for them HERE.

I got brown vinyl tablecloths marked down at Walmart, and purchased .59 landscaping bricks to use as risers on the table.  Spanish moss added color and texture, and large slit marshmallows made great food label holders!

I wanted to have a mix of sweet, salty, healthy, and fun treats for the 1:30-3:30pm event.  Texas caviar was mildy spicy and quite healthy.  And boy was it a HIT!  I had requests for the you want it too?  Come back in a few days and I'll post it.  I took a recipe from online and tweaked it a bit.

This Chocolate Chip Cheeseball/Spread was also very popular.  I served it with animal crackers and graham crackers.  You'll find the recipe for it HERE.

Grape tomato halves sitting atop an inch slice of mozzarella cheesestick.

The first guests to arrive were both sets of great grandparents, one of whom traveled 7 hours to be here!  This set happens to be my parents who live here in town.  They are enthralled with their first great grandchild!

It's me!  Everything is set up and I'm ready to begin!  See the orange cans holding miniature daffodils?  They are peach cans that I washed and put scrapbook paper around.  Free!  The two candy cans are also just washed cans decorated with paper.

And here come our sweet friends!  We've only lived here in Southern Indiana for 23 months, but God has given us delightful neighbors and friends.

We ended up with about 35 of us!
Lovely gifts!  Carson got diapers, blankets, toys, a high chair, and a whole summer wardrobe!

This little curly-blond-haired cherub belongs to my sweet friend, Kristen.  And her name is just as precious as she is...
Winnie June

Carson is soooo blessed!  He has loving parents who adore him. Two sets of grandparents who both call him their FIRST grandchild.  And two sets of great grandparents who enjoyed him to pieces.

Hope you enjoyed this visit to our party.  I loved showing it to you all!


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  1. Such a darling post! :) Thank you for such a lovely party for Carson. It was so delightful and I am so glad we have such fun photos to remember it by! :) Love you momma!

  2. What a wonderful day it was! Wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you...I would have loved holding and rocking baby boy. You are a wonderful Mimi. :-)

  3. Such a great party! I love that cake. :) Megan

  4. Wow this is super cute!! I love the idea of giving out seedlings, I will have to do that at our babyshower coming up!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful day with us :)

  5. What a sweet party - It looks like the guest of honor really enjoyed himself too ;)

    We have our first ever Beautify It Monday link party going on now and we'd love for you to stop by and link up @

  6. Your grandson is so handsome and precious! I loved seeing all of the party pictures. Blessings and hugs, mb


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