Monday, February 14, 2011

It's So Fun to be a Girl!

I just love being a girl. And planning girly parties. And Valentine's Day. So I hosted a little Valentine Luncheon for my mom and 2 friends. Such fun...happy sigh....
A wonderful chocolate cake with pretty of the ladies thought it came from a bakery. Here's the recipe from kraft foods.

Bacon Spinach quiche from Paula Deen...and I substituted a can of evaporated milk for the heavy cream...turned out perfect! Oh, and Phyllo dough made a quick, easy, pretty crust with alot less calories than pie dough. I'm linked to Today's Creative Blog.


  1. So super pretty! :) You are so creative with your parties. The colors are lovely, the table looks so cozy, and I wish I could have joined you!

  2. Donna, everything looks so yummy and beautiful! You are such an inspiration with your gracious and hospitable spirit. AND I love it that you just seem so relaxed and not stressed about entertaining. I'm such a perfectionist, that I stress myself out about it all! It would be a joy to be a guest in your home!

  3. I am curious what is in the glasses with the whip cream on it? It looks delicious.


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