Sunday, January 30, 2011

15 Minute Craft...Trash to Splash!

This past week while cooking dinner and preparing to throw these cans away, I decided they were such a nice round size and very sturdy. They would be great for holding craft scissors, etc. Hmmm. I decided to take them from Trash to Splash with a few craft supplies!

Like my craft room? It's called...the kitchen counter! :) That's where I do my best work.
I cut the paper to fit the sides of the can and then used spray adhesive to make them tacky on the wrong side. Again, the kitchen and some newspaper works just fine for this step!
I covered the cans, then used 2 different circle punches to create some coordinating flowers for the front. And found white buttons to be the crowning touch.
My little Snowman wanted in one of the pics. ; )
This took such little time that I went ahead and covered the lid of an empty ice cream bucket too. In just minutes I have three cute craft caddies made out of trash and on-hand papers. Fun! Thanks for looking...I'll let you go....I'm ready to go put my little caddies to work!


  1. these are lovely! Love to see the cute things you made out of trash. The colors are lovely! And your craft table is quite functional! Thanks for sharing your cute ideas!

  2. Your "Trash to Splash" title is great!! :-) As are, of course, your wonderful crafty ideas. Take a pic of the finished product put to work...

  3. So lovely! I would love for you to link this to my Unwasted Linky Party :)!!!

  4. so cute! I love upcycling stuff!


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