Thursday, May 28, 2015

Six Sweet Things

1.  Found this great tutorial last night on How Does She, and gave it a try today.  It is brilliant!  My son dubbed them Watermelon Pops.  Give it a try soon...follow this link to her blog.  (photo credit How Does She.)

2.  In the knick of time, I received my new Etsy shop labels in the mail. Bonnie at One Eyed Bee did a terrific job, and even the packaging is cute.  I'm so happy they are precut and ready to sew into my purse organizers at Perfect Darlings.  Check out both of our shops...and be watching for new purse organizer fabrics in my shop soon.

3.  What a happy sight.  Itsy bitsy yellow squashes are in my garden.  Can hardly wait to saute them in olive oil and pop each 1/2" round into my mouth.  Bliss.

4.  Since I am done home schooling for this school year, I am so enjoying having time to do those little extra things that have been on hold.  This week I made scripture cards of verses to pray for each of our sweet grandchildren.  While I walk or bike, I enjoy praying these truths and blessings over them.  When you pray God's Word, you know you are praying His will for them.  (Sorry these 2 pics aren't as sharp.)

5.  While sewing for my Etsy shop, I love to listen to audiobooks through Overdrive, an app that our library uses.  Listening to Louisa May Alcott's Good Wives, which comes after Little Women, has been especially delightful this week.
6.  While waiting for my son to finish his computer class recently, I went into an antique mall.  These adorable tags decorated with vintage photographs were calling my name...loudly.  They are so so sweet, and for just $1.50, they have added new stories to my home decor, which admittedly is very vintage. 

 I've spread them throughout my vignettes and am enjoying them immensely.  Question?  Why do husband 'toys' cost so much more than wife 'toys?'  Some girlfriends and I were wondering that last night. :)

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  1. First of all, the watermelon trick...wouldn't that have been great to know back when we were like 8 years old and we buried our faces in the slice and the juice was dripping down our chins??! At least that's what happened to me. I'm going to try this trick at my in laws next week. And I love, love, love the scripture cards! Such a good idea---I really need to do that myself. Goodness knows there is a situation that really needs the extra thoughts/prayers.

  2. Very nicely done and fun posts! I enjoyed!

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