Saturday, March 21, 2015

Welcome Sweet Spring Time

Sunshine.  Green Grass.  Flowers.  Walks in the neighborhood.  Spring weather can't get here (and stay here!) fast enough.  About 3 days a week, we have amazing weather and those walks can happen.  But the other 4 days are still chilly, cloudy, and often wet.  

But Spring did come to stay in my home today.  Yippee!  I redid the door decor, mantelscape, and my 2 drawer-scapes for Spring.  So come on in, and enjoy the warmth and cheer.

I made a little spring bunting one day recently from vintage book pages and some Dollar Tree seed packets.  Love it against my green front door.

The mantle is dressed in pinks and greens, along with another handmade bunting, fashioned from journaling cards, vintage book pages, and various ephemera.  

I can't seem to grow succulents, even though they say they are easy.  So I bought one from the Hobby Lobby floral department and am excited to have it to enjoy.  The china pieces are all from different people and places...Homer Laughlin Dogwood teacup from a favorite flea market, a sweet Bavarian creamer from my mom in law, and the beautiful teapot from England was a gift from my neighbor.  The pink depression glass plates belonged to my best friend's mother, and the pink church plate came from the flea market.  I love churches.  

Not sure what I love more in this drawer...the Fire King teacup, my handmade candle in a vintage jello mold, the lamb candle from my grandson's first birthday cake, or the photo of my darling granddaughter 2 years ago this weekend.

This drawer is not dressed as a showpiece, but I enjoy it by the door to the backyard.  Each piece is either vintage or one of my favorite things.  Even that tiny paper birdie is made from a vintage book page.

So from birdie and I...Welcome sweet spring time!




  1. I missed this blog post the other day. Its so darling!! Photos are magazine ready!! :) I love your home. You do such a lovely job making it cozy, beautiful and comfortable!

  2. You are such a creative and imaginative person! I had never heard of a "bunting" before, but do recognize the design. What a fun way to put ideas and special things you enjoy into the spotlight. I really admire your attention to details - this is coming from a cluttered, disorganized botanist who thinks you take care of her home the way she wishes she could! ... and who loves the pillowcases you made her! Cheers, Janis

  3. ...that should say..."thinks you take care of your home...."


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