Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Upcycled Knit Top...From Too Short and Too Low to Sassy and Sweet!

Once upon a time, this pretty cotton knit top fit me well.  I loved the print and the colors.  Plus 3/4 sleeves work for almost 3 seasons for me here in Southern Indiana.  But then, after some washings and partial dryings, it became too short and the neck line began to stretch and be too low.  Rather than put it in the Goodwill pile, I started researching ways to upcycle it.

Then one Sunday at church, I saw such a cute top.  It was made from some kind of Chiffon type fabric and had a lacy gathered 'skirt' around the hem.  Ooohhhh.  I liked it!  And then I remembered I had some white lace in my fabric stash.  And within an hour, I had an upcycled top!

I just cut a piece that was about 8 inches wide and about 1.5 times longer than the bottom edge of the top.  I sewed a basting stitch along the top of the lace in order to create slight ruffles in the fabric.  I pinned it with, inside the existing hem of the top, trying to keep the gathers mostly even all the way around.  Then I sewed it in.  

I also took up the neckline about an inch by increasing the seam on each shoulder.  And lastly added a lace panel above the pink crocheted neckline decor.  

I left the lace unhemmed, as I like the slightly shabby chic look.  It washes up great and does not ravel.  I even made a little lace embellished pin to wear with it, as seen in the 2nd photo, but mostly will wear it without.  

So enjoying my 'new' top that now fits nicely and has a sassy little lacy skirted hemline.  This is my 2nd or 3rd attempt to upcycle or refashion clothing.  Such fun...can't wait to try something else!  Thanks for reading!

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