Thursday, March 20, 2014

Being a Mimi Across the Miles

My husband and I had the joy of becoming Papa and Mimi to TWO little love bugs 2 years ago!  Our grandson, Carson, was born first, and then just 7 weeks later, our granddaughter Eloise was born!  Oh how we love and enjoy our precious little grands! But they both live 6 hours north of us, so we have to be creative in building our relationship with them in between visits.  Now that they are both two, I'm having alot of fun adding some 'friends' to our Face Time visits.  They both grin, reach out to try to touch them, and sometimes say, "Want it!  Hold it!"

Carson and Eloise love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS.  Recently I went online and found some Daniel Tiger coloring sheets to print.  I colored the two main characters and cut them out.  Eloise was surprised when Daniel Tiger and Katarina Kitty came on the Face Time screen to say hi!  I made these little friends talk to her and play peek a boo with her.  Her grins were worth it all.  :)

Carson has taken a new liking to Caillou and his sister Rosie, another kids' show.  So I found Caillou and Rosie printable paper dolls online and had fun coloring and cutting them out.  Carson was pretty surprised the next time we did Face Time to see that Caillou and Rosie were at Mimi's house!  

I had planned to mail these little friends to the grands, but for now I'll keep them for our Face Time fun.  :)

Another fun way to connect long-distance is to make a short little video with your smart phone and send it by text or email to your grand's parents.  I have a Raggedy Ann and a stuffed Charlie Brown that often make appearances with me on videos to the kids.  I sing a song with Ann or Charlie and ask the kiddos to sing or clap with me.  Yes, I look a bit silly, but who cares!  The kids like it!  :)

So those are just a few ideas of ways to connect with your grandbabies long distance.  And have you read my post HERE about keeping a journal for your grands of the times you spend with them?  I'm having a ball writing down the cute things they say and do, as well as adding photos of our times together.

Do you have some fun ideas for building relationships with your long distance grand darlings?  We'd love to hear them!

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  1. I wish so much that I'd been keeping a journal of my times with Sammy. She says the funniest and sweetest things! The other day she asked me why I call her "sweet pea" all the time? :-) I said I've been calling her that since the first day I met her. I think she finds it interesting b/c she has the Veggies Tales "Sweetpea Beauty" dvd...maybe I'm confusing her! :-)


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