Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September...Mantles, Groupings, and Flowers

Our Great Room last fall.  Since then we've gotten new sofas and made a paint change.  :)

Dear Husband spent Saturday painting our fireplace wall!  Yay!  We finally have an accent wall now.

Introducing Glidden's Homemade Butterscotch.

Warm and carmel-ish.  Perfect for Fall and will be great with Winter decor too.  Warm, cuddly puppy-girl adds to the ambiance.  :)

Makes the fireplace POP!  And makes me want to sit down with a cup of hot decaf and pretend it is chilly outside.  (It was 97 the Saturday of Labor Day weekend here in Southern Indiana when I was decorating for Fall!)

I was so happy to find my Quail.  He's been missing.  I find that looking through the nice grocery store floral departments after a holiday is a GREAT time to find decorative things for half price.  Mr. Quail came from Schnucks 2 years ago and I love him.
The next day, I remembered that I had some faux sunflowers in my silk flower stash, leftover from our teenagers' joint graduation party 6 years ago!  And they added the perfect bit of warmth and sunshine I felt was missing on the mantle.

I like to wait on putting out pumpkins for decorating til October.  So Sunflowers, birds, and fruit are great for September.

Opened a new tablecloth (from Marshalls) for the dining room table and took away the Summer centerpiece for this little makeshift September one.  Shopping the house is the best way to decorate on a budget!  My faux apple and pear are spilling out of the tin lunch pail, with pops of red and Sunflowers to tie it all together.

And here's a new wall grouping.  Our living room colors are carmels and browns with pops of aqua, turquoise, and burgandy.  Does the turquoise painted sconce shock your system?  It does my 15 year old son's!  But I love the bit of shock and awe it gives the wall.  :)

I've been patiently waiting for the right wall art over the sofa and so have hung things there on push pins (small hole and no hammer needed!) and even have the aqua triviet hung on a straight pin, so I could change it without making a big hole if I wanted to.  The black H which I just painted, is hung with...Sticky Tac!  haha!  The black sconce is hung on an existing nail which should probably be moved over an inch to the right.  But hey...I'm just gonna let these hang out on the wall and enjoy them where they are for now.  
I'll lleave you with some of my favorites blooming in my gardens right now.  Orange Zinnias are among the happiest and cheeriest of flowers.

And the Trumpet Vine is drawing the neighborhood Humming Birds to our yard.  Love them to death!

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