Saturday, September 7, 2013

70 Booth Rummage Sale? Bliss!!

Today was the county-wide 4H Rummage Sale at the Fair Grounds.  With more than 70 booths of goods for sale, it was a fun Saturday morning!

We got some wonderful treasures at this sale as well as a church Rummage Sale.  See that black computer bag?  Like new with plenty of zippered compartments.  $2!    Boots for my little Northern Indiana grandboy and a .25 Cat in the Hat book.  :)

I like to have a pretty seasonal plate on display, and this is my new Johnson Brothers Autumn plate.  :)  $2

Can you believe that a digital frame was on my Christmas idea list?!  This one is brand new and a great price...told my Honey and to save it for Christmas.  :)

And then there are the vintage items.  Oh. Man.  

The painted trays were popular in the late 50s and early 60s.  This is a miniature one, about 5 inches long.  50 cents!  This is before I washed it up.

Vintage Christmas ornaments with a vintage price tag on the end...50 cents!

I grew up with my mom's aluminum measuring cups and still love using them at her house.  These Ecko ones from years gone-by were....50 cents.  :)

My favorite find.  My Grandma from Texas had this very cookie jar throughout her married life.  She passed away 20 years ago and I have wished I would have asked for her cookie jar.  Today I got this one just like it at the Rummage Sale for $5.  I am thrilled!

A lady with a booth at the sale was selling things from her elderly father's home.  Including this 1960's Kodak Brownie Starmite camera and leather Kodak case...50 cents!  I had to get it.  It's so cute in my ya in a minute.

I have been looking for one of these all summer!  It's vintage...cost 97 cents at Safeway many years ago (tag on the back).  I'm going to paint it Heirloom White and use it in my kitchen for hanging my vintage potholders and other vintage kitchenware on it.  Yippee!!

And now to see my goodies in their new found homes.  Kodak Brownie is hanging out on the mantel.  

For now, miniature handpainted metal tray is at home on the Gossip Bench. appears that the lady of the home (in the 1940s of course,) came in from shopping and removed her hat, put her purse down, and took off her earrings to talk on the phone, laying them on the tray.  :)  I'm sure the tray will move around the house as I figure out new places for it.  May even stick it on the wall with a 3M strip.

The measuring cups are at home in my vintage drawer in the kitchen.  And see...I DID paint the drawer's handle aqua.  Love.

And Grandma's cookie has been washed and shined.  It's on my raised bar.  And the site of those raised ceramic cookies with all kinds of icings and decorations on them still make my imagination dance.  As a girl, I thought they looked so yummy!  Grandma's cookies inside the jar were yummy too.  I miss that beautiful, sweet lady.

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  1. Oh my. One of my favorite blog posts ever. That camera... that cookie jar... and everything else vintage! :) So sweet!

  2. Oh my goodness. I absolutely love the whole thing! Would have love, love, loved to go there with you! Love the cookie jar...we have one almost identical. It's Matt's most treasured family heirloom...his auntie made it as a C'mas gift for their family in about 1960 I think. She etched it on the bottom when she made it and it had been in his mom's house until a few years ago when she passed it on to him. He is so proud of it! :-)

  3. My grandmother had that cookie jar, too, purchased with S&H Green Stamps. I always loved it so, and like you, thought the cookies looked tantalizing. The little heart shaped cookie cutter with the green wooden handle is exactly like one I have. I got it as a remembrance when my very old great grandmother died when I was seven. I am sixty one now. How old do you think those cookie cutters like that are?

  4. Thank you ladies! Lindsey, you can inherit this cookie jar one day. :) Lori, I remember now that you told me that about Matt's cookie jar! How fun! And Paula, I bet my grandma also bought her cookie with S&H Green Stamps...thanks for that fun bit of info. :) I don't know how old the cookie cutters might be. Mine came from an antique shop. But if you have had it for 54 years, then maybe it is 100 years old? Cool!! :)


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