Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Wild and Loveable Gardens

Everyday I go out and check my flower, herb, and vegetable gardens to see what's growing and what bugs need shooed away.  Tonight when I went out, this breathtaking Gladiola was hiding behind the gigantic sunflowers.  Isn't God the perfect artist?! 
My Morning Glories are getting wild and full.  They will start to bloom in another week or two and will give the back neighbors a glorious show each morning!

Aren't baby vegetables the cutest little things?  I am getting such a kick out of the tiny little okras coming on!

I'm excited to eat beets soon!  I like them cooked and buttered or pickled.  These are so cool...they are a long narrow kind.

Baby pickles in the making.

Did you know that if female zucchini plants don't get pollinated, the little baby zuke will die?  I am going out everyday to hand pollinate them, in case the bees don't find them.

Most precious of all...itty bitty baby pumpkins!  They are growing up a vegetable trellis.

And here she is!  The Square Foot Garden!  She's done a great job...we've had lots of lettuce and radishes.  Now green beans, zukes, and cukes.  Soon everything else!  That little vine on the right end is a mystery.  I'm letting it grow up some twine, just waiting to see what it is.

My flower gardens started out so neat and orderly.  Now they are getting wild and wooly!  But in my quest to conquer perfectionism, I am finding it all to be unique, adorable, and loveable.  Even though the gladiolas are falling over with weight, the Butterfly Bush is all over the place (it started out 6 inches tall this spring!), and the Bee Balm is taking over.

Didn't have much hope for my Verbena to make looked so puny and sick this spring.  But she is showing ME!  So sweet.

I love sunflowers.  I planted seeds from one packet and they are coming up different sizes and heights!  This one is about 9 feet tall!!  And is a beautiful rust colored.

The birds planted these, right below the bird feeder.  They have each one been perfect and so cheery.  All different sizes too!  The bigger one has begun to fade, but the Goldfinch birds are enjoying eating the seeds.

My very first Lupine ever!!

"Mama, please let me come outside again.  I promise not to eat anymore of the brillo pad Daddy used for cleaning the grill and left laying in the grass...."

And lastly, before coming in, I enjoyed a hug from the Lord...this little Goldfinch feeding nearby.  I am soooo thankful He made blooms and birds.
Thank you for dropping in to visit!
Hope your heart was cheered by time in a garden.


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  1. Oh my goodness...I can hardly wait to come see it in person!! LOVE the sunflowers and I'm thinking I might need to bring a cutting of your bee balm home with me. I miss my balm from our MI home. Maybe we can make something yummy with the zucchini! Actually I would just love some sauteed. :-) No radishes for me but I will have some beets. Your pics are all so wonderful and beautiful! I should take some of veggies, just flowers. And I'm showing my "city girl-ness" here but how do you hand pollinate the zukes?

  2. What a wonderful garden you have! Love the Lupine and the glads....oh heck....I love them all! I think I need to get some shots of my flowers before they are all gone.....I never remember to take pics.....thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for linking up at Unwasted Homemaking!

  4. Your garden is beautiful! How I wish the Lord had blessed me with half of the green thumb you have!

  5. I really enjoyed the pictures of your flowers. This summer I've focused on the vegetable garden but next spring I'm hoping to have more flowers as well.


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