Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY Travel Binder

We have taken two wonderful trips this summer!  And I knew I'd want to chronicle them in a memorable way, without all the time and brain power involved in scrapbooking.  Finally this idea came to me, and I LOVE it.  I want to share it with you, in case this would fit your style too.  I took a 3 ring binder that I already had, with a clear pocket on the cover.  Made a cute but simple cover page for it using my computer for the print, and a darling old Susan Branch calendar for the pics.  My fishing pole is just a twig from the yard with a piece of twine.  I slid the cover page into the clear cover pocket.

My fishy is lame...but I'm A-Ok with that!  He's a happy little fishy!  I am not going for perfection, so I just taped the fishing pole to the paper, and used double sided acid free tape to attach the pics.

I filled the binder with page protectors from Walmart, as well as some photo pocket pages to hold little momentos.  This first page is starting to tell about our Lake House Family Gathering in early June of this summer.

I purchased a cute little paper pad at JoAnns that was a travel theme.  Cost me about $1.25 on sale.  I am using it for some quick, easy journaling.

Here is one of the photo pocket pages.  I thought it'd be fun to include my packing list, the state of Missouri cut out from an old map I got at a garage sale, and our ticket stubs from the St. Louis Arch which we visited on Day 1 of our trip.

In addition to brochures and such from St. Louis, I printed out the info on the Lake House we was a huge, beautiful home that easily held all 22 of us!  I also created a photo book at of the photos that I wanted to remember of our week.  So it will eventually reside in a page protector in this book too.  For now we have it out, enjoying it.

Next up, our big trip to Disney World in Orlando.  I purchased a Mickey Mouse paper at JoAnns, and this adorable cut out of Mickey is a post card from Disney World.  I won't be attaching it to the page, b/c it will also become a Christmas tree ornament in December.  I will attach a photo of our family at Disney to the back, write the dates of our trip, and punch at hole in the top where some red ribbon will allow it to hang on the tree.  Fun reminder in December of our trip in June for only $1.95.  :)

I kept all the ephemera from Disney that I could.  And I even took this binder on the trip with me, so that during quiet rest times in the hotel, I could begin to put it together.  Best idea ever!  I came home with it more than half way done!

If you've never been to Disney Resorts, the above left little cardstock envelope held our plastic room key-cards which were ALSO programmed with the theme park tickets we had purchased!  So handy!

A map of our Disney resort, a Downtown Disney map, the cut out of Florida, and the menu from our first Disney Resort meal.  :)  I will just barely tack these brochures/maps to the underlying scrapbook paper so that we can take them out and look at them anytime.

Map of Epcot,  Day 2 of our stay.  I wish my photos were brighter, but I couldn't use a flash due to the shiny page protectors.

We had an after 4pm pass to Magic Kingdom one night...the map and our tickets.

The bag from the Lego store where our son made fun purchases, and a Disney store bag that held some candy we bought.

The papers from the Lego things Tanner bought.  How that will bring a sweet-sad smile to my face one day when he's too old for Legos.

I kept the stubs of some of our Fast Passes from Hollywood Studios!  And made a page to note that we went to see the new movie Cars 2 one night.

These pages and pockets hold our hotel room notepad and paper coasters, some gift cards we used, and a few pieces of flora I picked up on the resort grounds...a piece of Palm Tree bark, part of a Palm leaf, a seed pod, and a tiny blossom.

I hope you enjoyed my Travel Binder tour!  I will be printing out lots of photos from Disney too, but this is what I have completed so far.  Easy.  Inexpensive.  Quick.  And makes a fun book of memories for the future.  Wonder where our next vacation trip will be?


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