Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Favorite New Summer Sandwich

Several years ago I tore this recipe out of a BHG magazine, thinking it looked good to try.  Yesterday was the day! 
I boiled and peeled some eggs, microwave cooked some bacon, thin sliced an English cucumber, and washed some fresh lettuce leaves from our garden.  Sandwich fixin's are ready.  Mmmmm.
Walmart has some really tasty French Bread for 98 cents everyday in their bakery.  I'm buying it these days instead of turning on the oven for baking my own.  Cut two thick slices, buttered them a bit, then toasted them.  They can also be grilled on the stove.
Layer the eggs on the bottom slice, then salt and pepper to taste.  Next came the bacon slices, lettuce leaves, and cucumber slices.  Top with some light mayo or mustard if you prefer.  I did not add the basil leaves the recipe called for.

Incredible!  Filling.  Tasty.  Different.  Summery.  A Hit!  And nice enough to serve friends for a casual supper or lunch.



  1. looks yummy! I think I would like it. :-)

  2. Cute little lunch! :) So fun and creative!


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