Wednesday, March 23, 2011

House in Bloom

 We've been sunny and in the 70s for a week here in Southern Indiana!  I've been in heaven.  The smell of fresh cut grass coming in my open windows has been intoxicating.  Sweet!  So I figure it was high time to get my house Spring-i-fied too.  A few posts back, I took a 49 cent flea market plate and glued a 99 cent flea market candle holder to the bottom to make a cake stand or tidbit tray.  It has now found it's home sweet home...a display to bring Spring to our living room.  The little jar contains sand from Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara, CA...our 25th anniversary trip.  I'm crazy about green and aqua together.  So am bringing some aqua into my green living room for the summer.
 Coastal Living magazine fits right in.  The photo is my husband and I having an outdoor lunch in Santa Barbara. 
Little IKEA entry table. 
This is another tidbit tray that I made from a little goblet and a glass plate.  Love the candle ring and candle in the cloche.  The cloche was a cheese plate cover in its former life.  :)

The re-dressed mantle from yesterday, which I am so enjoying...but it needed something above the window.  A friend suggested a bird.  Good idea!

I also found these branches in the backyard that I'd been saving for something.  (You have to understand we live in a newer home with NO trees, so having a couple little branches is something to hang on to!)

I found bird templates on and using coordinating paper, cut two out.  I love them!  Now, to add some white paper flowers and a couple green leaves to the branches?  That is the question. 

When we finished the chocolate cake I made last week, I decided to use the cake plate for decor too.  Can you believe these little gourds are still firm and flawless from the fall?  They've turned alittle bit yellow, so hey!  They are Springy!  :) 
Thanks for stopping in!  I enjoyed your visit!
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  1. Love the birds and branches!! I'm very impressed with all your springy-ness. :-)

  2. Such pretty decor... You can come to my house next! :) Love the aquas and greens, the window, and the springy lightness!

  3. Hello.. found you through DWYHM. Your blog is so bright and fresh and you have such great ideas for making a home look pretty. I've never learned to sew (hoping to this year, my forte is really the kitchen. I do love to make things new and I'm pretty sure I could learn a trick or two from you. Nice to meet you and I'll be following along.

    God Bless

  4. Love all your spring touches--especially your mantel--love that window and the birds and branches really look amazing! Thanks so much for linking to STL Wednesday!


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