Friday, July 24, 2015

Seven Sweet Things

Hello, friends!  So much has been happening around here the past month, so writing has been on the back burner.  I'm done traveling for the summer now, so am catching my breath and regrouping before school starts.  Here are a few fun blessings from the past few weeks.  :)
1)  Backing up a bit to June, I wanted to share the fun Father's Day cards I made for our Dads.  I found a site online that will let you create a word search using words that you plug in.  It arranges them all, and even lets you set if you want the words to only go forward, which I did.  These words are all things to pertain to my father in law.  I loved personalizing the cards with just the touch of a key.

2)  I love fresh grapefruit.  But cutting between all the sections, the way our parents did it was too much trouble.  So glad to figureout that you can just cut a grapefruit in slices, like an orange, and enjoy it immediately!  Pink grapefruit is sweet and delicious.  They are even good to cut up and add in a fruit salad.  Give it a try.

3)  June also allowed me to spend time with all 3 of our granddarlings.  Little Eloise is getting a baby brother this Fall!  And Carson and Sawyer are enjoying each other more and more as Sawyer is more mobile now.  Love these girls and their darlings!

4)  After searching for a necklace to go with several new summer coral colored outfits, and coming up short for just the right thing, I decided to search for a pendant to go on my long sterling silver chain.  Surprisingly, I found a great pendant with coral, cream, and turquoise in it for 50% off at JoAnns, of all places!  For $5 I got a 'new' necklace.  Going to be looking for more pendants to go with other outfits, too.  Alot less expensive than buying multiple necklaces.  And I can layer a shorter silver chain and smaller pendant with it, for a double look.

5)  In July, our daughter and family came for 3 wonderful days.  This was the first time I had to baby proof the house for Sawyer!  I love this sweet photo of him peeking at my Dad.  :)

My darling grandboys. 
6)  Walking in our country neighborhood has been one of my favorite parts of the summer.  The minute I'm on my way, I feel like I can deep breathe...physically, spiritually, and mentally.  I try to walk 2-3 miles a day, and find sunset to be the most enjoyable time of the day.  There is usually a little breeze, and the hot sun has gone behind the houses.  The farm fields are so beautiful!

The little neighborhood lakes often have mallards, herons, or geese nearby.  

This lot is one of my favorites...the house has a farm field right behind their house and the corn is gorgeous this year.  The sky at dusk is gorgeous here.

And counting baby bunnies along the way is part of my fun.  Lots this year.  Can you tell I love wildlife and nature? ;)

7)  I've gotten to do something on my bucket list this summer...take some watercolor painting classes.  I don't have a natural eye for painting, so I'm going to have to practice.  Alot!  But it's been fun to learn some techniques and I'm looking forward to learning more.

There's more!  But I'll save it for next time.
Thank you for stopping by!
Enjoy these last days of July, and take care....



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  1. Love the painting! Wish I had an eye for it too---I've always wanted to be a painter! The crossword puzzles are so fun too!


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