Friday, January 24, 2014

Smitten, Again!

Yesterday I met my dear friend Lori half-way between her home in Florence, KY and my home in Evansville, IN for a Girls Day Out in Louisville, KY.  The weather was frigid but sunny, and alittle 'feels like -2' never stopped a girl from Flea Marketing or Lunching Out, right?
Lori found a string of Flea Markets in Louisville called Peddler Mall.  There are several locations...I see many shopping trips ahead for us!  :)  Anyway, as we strolled along through booth after booth of vintage goodies, we spied this interesting box up high.

I got it down and we oohed and aahed over how interesting it was.  Five little wooden cubbies, and a  slanted glass lid on hinges.  The little label holders in front were unique too.  

I put it back up on the shelf where we'd found it, and we went on on our way.  But within minutes, I decided that little cutie needed to come home with me.  I don't think it is vintage, but it is def. vintage-inspired.  And soooo unusual.  And soooo versatile.
I brought 'her' home with me with glee.  Vacuumed out the cobwebs inside, wiped her down, and then began the super fun work of styling her cubbies.  This little gal will surely live in different parts of my house over the years and be styled with seasonal vintage goodies that can easily be changed out.  For now she is on the old organ bench so I can prop the lid open against the wall.

She's alittle Valentine-y for the present and I am completely smitten.  Wonder what I should put in the little label placards on the front?  What would you put in her cubbies?

I'm like a kid in a candy shop at vintage flea markets...are you?!

Thanks for stopping by....Blessings, Donna

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  1. Oh my. She is a beauty for sure!! Did you decide on a name for her…cause she really needs one. I am still mulling over where to put my "star of wonder"…hee hee. It's pretty big now that i have it in the house! And I already have an idea for my drawer…she won't be sitting but hanging. Details to come!


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