Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Little Drawer That Could

I love old drawers.  I have an old sewing table drawer that is one of my favorite pieces in my house.  And recently this old drawer came home with me from Trader Bakers Flea Market for just $3.  I thought it just needed a good clean up.

Well, this IS the cleaned up version!  Haha!  The dirt will not come off.  I could paint it, and I still may.  But for today, this shabby little girl is being embraced for who she is.  :)  See the bits of red chippy paint underneath on the drawer pull?  I wonder if that was her original color.  Wouldn't she be cute with a red drawer pull?!

After she had been cleaned inside and out with warm soapy water on a rag, I decided to have her adorn my one corner in my kitchen that is reserved for decor.  Underneath I placed a beautiful kitchen tea towel I got on clearance at Marshalls.  Anytime you find a pretty tea towel on clearance, grab it!  They make excellent fabric pieces for decorating.

Here is is for you to see...it has aqua details...aqua makes everything more beautiful.
Now to build a pretty vignette inside the drawer.  I started with this plate picturing an old church.  A bit of sticky tac putty at the base helps it to stand up steady in the back of the drawer.

Next I needed some fabric  inside the drawer to add some softness.  This green and white gingham napkin was perfect.  I also like to buy pretty fabric napkins on clearance to use in decorating.  I added a little tidbit stand that I made from a china plate and a glass candleholder.  And placed 4 antique kitchen items  on top of it...cookie cutters, a juicer, and spices.  That box of cloves was in my Grandma's kitchen when she died.  Treasure.

Anther piece that would add more height, the glass cupcake stand with a birds' nest inside was next, as well as a ceramic tile painted with chalkboard paint.  And lastly, my sweet antique egg beater.  The Shabby Little Miss is looking good!

Notice a change here?  I settled on using my 1950s North Star plate in the back, rather than the church plate.  It is taller and has the added bonus of aqua stars on it.

And then the crowning touch.  I've had this little vinyl wall saying set aside for several years.  Loved it but couldn't decide where to put it.  Seeing it in my friend Tammy's kitchen recently, in a similiar place, I decided THIS is where it belongs.  This little corner is my bit of quiet and pretty peace in my hardworking kitchen.  I know it will remind me many times a day to Be Still and Know God.  Just reading it brings my spirit to a quieter place.

And I am done.  For now.  :)  I've always had decor in this corner, but I really love that now it is all contained in a drawer.  Looks neater.  Less cluttered.  And I'll have such fun changing out the contents of the drawer display with each season.  
What do you think?  Want to keep your eyes open for a cute old drawer?  I am even toying with painting the drawer pull aqua.  My Kitchen Aid Mixer is aqua too.  #favoritecolor

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Your comments are so appreciated!  And I hope you'll be back soon.

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  1. I love the Little Miss! I have looked for drawers around here but haven't found any. :-( Love the decor!


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