Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vintage Book Page Buntings and Table Runners

In finishing the series on how to use Vintage Book Pages for decor, I'll focus on the little buntings I made and the table runners.  So inexpensive and so fun...I think these two elements were among my favorites at our son's wedding rehearsal dinner.

I made three different kinds.  The one made of squares was easy.  I folded the papers to the width I wanted, and cut squares on the fold from book pages, black card stock, and hymn pages.  Put a bit of glue on the insides of the folded rectange, and then glue them with the black crochet thread sandwiched in the middle.  I spaced them out about every 3 inches.  Then when dry, use a small heart punch on the center of the folded paper.  ( worked out GREAT to store them hanging over the top of our guest room door while I worked to get all six done.)

The pennant style bunting was made in the same way, altho the shapes cut were diamonds.  If you prefold your paper, then cut a long triangle shape on the fold, they will be nicely matched and easy to open, add a bit of glue, then glue them with the thread sandwiched in the middle.

Lastly I punched 1.5 inch circles out of book pages, cardstock, and hymn pages.  These I sewed together down the middle with my sewing machine.  So quick and easy.  I spaced them about 1/2 inch apart.

Please note that these buntings can tangle easily if you are transporting them someplace.  Wrap them around a piece of cardbord or a file folder, and they will stay tangle-free and flat until you are ready to use them.  Great way to store them after the party too.

Here is a view of how I layered them down the center of the table, on top of the paper table runner and plastic table runner.  (This photo was taken as I 'practiced' at home to see how it might all look for the dinner.)

Some of these adorable little buntings are now being used in my home!  :)

The book page table runners were made from old Ideals books.  The pages were the perfect width.  I used a craft knife to remove them from the books, used a paper edger to scallop the long sides of the page, and then zigzag sewed the short edge of every 2 pages together.  Because of the minute space between the sewed papers, they fold nicely into the size of one page, for storage and for transporting.

For the dinner I laid them end to end down the center of the table.  Only having every 2 pages sewn together allowed me the flexibility to put as many as needed down the table, since the tables were different lengths.  And the sewing gave the table runner, as a whole, more stability as a runner, than if all the pages had just been laid end to end without the sewing.

I've so enjoyed sharing these ideas with you.  Let me know if you make one of them!

Happy Crafting!

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