Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Family Binder For My Daughter in Law {Love}

Our son is getting married in 10 days!  We are excited for the wedding and the joy this marriage will bring.  I had the joy of traveling to Chicago for our new daughter-in-law's bridal shower in February.  Besides purchasing a gift for them from their registry, I wanted to create something more personal and unique for them.  I decided to make a Family Binder for our new daughter in law, so that she could have some info and dates and recipes from our family available for when she wants or needs them.  It turned out well and was a fun gift to make.

In the first page protector sleeve, I placed a letter I had written to her...telling her how much we love her and are excited to have her in our family.

I thought that putting our son's family tree in the binder might be helpful someday if they need the full names of some of our family members.

I created a page of all of the birthdays of our son's side of the family, and what year they were born.  

The email addresses of all the family members.

Some Hayden Family favorite recipes, and the little stories behind these dishes.

More recipes

I also included 3 pages of photos of our son during his growing up years, so she can see how their children resemble him for the future.

The ladies at the shower passed around the book and enjoyed looking through it.

And here is the lovely bride to be...the next Mrs. Hayden!

I decorated the front clear pocket of the binder with some vintage book hearts that I handstitched together with embroidery thread.  I also made their last name initial out of 2 colors of paper plus a vintage book page.  And lastly some little book page birds, and a part of our daughter in law's favorite quote.

Consider this idea as a creative, helpful, thoughtful gift for any new bride to be!

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  1. I think it is adorable! Not only will the pics allow Alyssa to see who their babies look like as they grow up, it will also give her a chuckle to look back at everyone's 90's hair, glasses and clothing! :-)

  2. Donna this is fabulous! What a lovely idea! I'm sure that she loved it. Having only daughters myself I won't be able to emulate you, but it's a wonderful gift for a newlywed. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I wish your son and his bride all of God's blessings and a wonderful life together.


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