Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Review ~ When Hope Blooms

This is my 2nd Kim Vogel Sawyer book, and she is now one of my favorite authors!  I so enjoyed this gentle, sweet story of a Mennonite widow with 3 children.  Amy moves to Weaverly, Ks to start a new life.  Her young teen daughter, Bekah, is questioning if she wants to remain Mennonite.  Son Parker, age 10, is 'slow' due to a head injury at age 4.  And little daughter Adri, 5 years old, is a flittering butterfly of joy and fun!

Their neighbor is a quiet man named Tim, who left the Mennonite faith 20 years ago, rebelling against his father's strictness.  But he is consistently thrown into helping Amy and her children in their new home.

Amy's sweet, gentle nature, and the grace and love of fellow Mennonites in Weaverly are a consistent witness to Tim and make him question the choices he's made in the past 20 years.

This sweet story kept me up too late at night and had me riding my exercise bike extra minutes so that I could keep reading longer!
You won't be disappointed!



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