Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Window to my World

Today I made one of my little dreams come true!  I finally got an antique window hung above our bed.  Happy sigh!  I did it all by myself.  No small feat!  I used 3M velcro strips, which means we can adjust it a bit when hubby comes home.  I'm trying to remember if I told him I wanted to put this window here...hmmm.  Hope he likes it!

This window is from Northern Indiana.  A neat little antique shop near Plymouth, IN, in fact.  I can't help but look at it and wonder about its history.  Did a housewife look out this window when it was new?  Or was this window in a shed, garage, or shop?

The cute rag garland was a gift from a very dear friend!  It's been the only thing hanging over our bed these past 1.5 years.  It looks perfect right over the middle of the window!  Thanks Lori!

Another fun thing that happened this week is that I got some personal calling cards in the mail!  I ordered these from Ink was a special of 100 cards for only $4.99 shipped!  I have regular business cards for my etsy shop.  But I have often wished for some cards to give new friends so that they can have my phone number and email.
Ink Garden lets you pick your design, words, fonts, colors, etc.
(The black marks are for privacy's sake on the internet.)

And on the back, there was room to put more.  So I just made a little list of who I am.  And put my blog address.

And lastly, I didn't have something wintery to put on my front door.  So I decided to put up a vintage Valentine cut out.  Fun, cute, and different.  This was either from my younger years or my school teaching years.

Thanks for stopping by on this cold, sunny January day!


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  1. Your window looks wonderful! What a great idea! We have a couple of old window frames left in a closet when we bought this old place (it's circa 1864!), and I was always thinking I wanted to do something with I know! Thanks!

    And your new cards look great! I was just about to say "What about your blog?"....and then you showed the back! Sweet!

  2. This is so darn cute...Great LOOK!!!


  3. I love your cards! I need to get some

  4. Love the window! Definitely cottage-y and beach-y! :-) And I adore your calling cards! I always thought it would be fun to have some....wish they'd had them years ago when I was a young mommy to hand out to the kid's friends mommies! :-) Great post!


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