Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Porch Chalkboard

Recently I read about the benefits of having a little chalkboard on your front can greet guests with a little message, and people who stop by when you aren't home can leave a message for you.  Brilliant!  Then I so enjoyed the cute chalkboard at Ellen's home HERE, and that clinched it for me.  Time to use that can of spray chalkboard paint that I bought 9 months ago!

The steps were very simple.  And since this is going outside, I didn't spend money on a nicer frame, nor go for perfection.  I 'shopped' the house for an old 10x13 cheap wooden frame that I hadn't used in years.  Took out the glass, cleaned the glass, then put both the frame and glass on newspaper out in the grass.  I sanded the wooden frame just a bit so the paint would stick, then wiped it clean.

My supplies

It took about 3 light coats of spray paint for both the frame and glass.  So cool how the paint worked GREAT on the glass!  I let them 'cure' overnight, and put them together this morning.  Then made a quick no-sew bow out of green polkadot fabric and stuck it onto the frame with sticky tack.

Used my best First Grade Teacher handwriting to print Autumn Greetings with a big stick of chalk and she was done!  (Hi Gracie Pup!)

Fun, easy, kind of project!! Give it a try...I'm sure I'll enjoy adding different embellishments to the frame for each season.  Christmas will be fun for that!
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  1. Oh so cute! And your first grade teacher handwriting is still great! :-)

  2. This is a fabulous idea and it is extra special because it is a handwritten message to welcome your visitors and so easy and fun to change it up for the seasons!! LOVE it! :)


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